QuickBooks Password Recovery

Recuperate Your QuickBooks Password in Just a Few Simple Clicks!

QuickBooks is an optimal accounting framework catering to the needs of hundreds of organizations worldwide. The solution is packed with robust features to generate invoices, manage cash flows, and other financial expenses. The software is designed and developed by industry-leaders keeping in view present business requirements. Companies spanning across various sectors are leveraging this unique application to view and manage their finances both on-premise and remotely. Adding more to it, QuickBooks user support team is available round-the-clock to render seamless support for unanticipated issues over the call, email, or through live chat.

According to a recent study, “forgot password” is one of the most prevalent pointers that most users encounter today. This article is an attempt to highlight quick steps to recover lost password with utmost ease.

It is important to note that those who use QuickBooks Desktop are logged in as particular users. QuickBooks typically sets up an Admin account at the very first moment when a user installs and sets it up. Moreover, Admin sets up other users. Typically, security updates and sometimes some unwanted situations may force users to reset their password.

Situation 1- For those who know their Admin password and wants to reset:

  •  Open your company file, choose Company. Then you need to opt for Set up Users and Passwords.  Thereafter, select Change Your Password. Now, you need to mention your admin password (present one)
  • Enter your password again (the new one that you want to keep) in the New Password field and Click Ok

Situation 2- When unfortunately you forgot QuickBooks admin password &need to reconfigure:

If you have forgotten your admin password, there are two solutions for this encountered issue recommended by Intuit. The first option may fix your problem easily, or you may possibly need to try both to get the issue fixed. To get the best outcome, you are advised to proceed with the solutions in the same order as shown below:

Solution 1- Reconfigure Admin Password with the help of your challenge question

  • Click on I forgot my password in the QuickBooks Desktop login screen
  •  Answer the asked security question and thereafter click OK
  • Going forward, Click on Close when following message displays on your screen:

“Your password including challenge answer & question, all have been removed. Moreover, your company file is now not password-secured. Also, you will get an option to generate your new password and pick& answer the challenge question.”

  • Now, the Change Password window will display. Herein, you need to mention your new password followed by a new challenge question
  • Once done with the above process, click on OK to open the file

Solution 2- Reconfigure your admin password with the help of a reset code (access token)

You have to visit QuickBooks Automated Password Reset tool in order to reconfigure your Admin password

  • Choose the QuickBooks Desktop edition which you are making use of

Important note: Make sure that the QuickBooks edition on which your company file is opened needs to be installed on the system that is being used by you to reconfigure the password.

  •  You are required to enter your correct license number of your QuickBooks Desktop version and all the business info. Once done you need to click to Submit. Acknowledge the license and thereafter press the Download icon to proceed
  • Now, a new window will open, you are required to click on the Download link

It is imperative to note if the link that you have clicked says Run or save, you are always required to select Save. Now, you can simply keep the saved link on your Desktop

    • Click on the downloaded file i.e. QBPasswordReset.exe to open the password reconfiguration tool
    • Mention the token no. in the given field that you have received on your given email id
    • From the drop-down menu of the products, you are required to opt for QuickBooks edition
  • Going forward, you need to  navigate for Organizational File button & opt for the company file for which you wish to reconfigure the password

Note: if you are looking forth to reconfigure the password for the Accountant’s Copy working file (.QBA), type *.* in the text box and thereafter click Enter. Doing this will enable you to view& opt for .QBA files.

  • Now, proceed to type your confidential password in the mentioned fields
  • Once mentioned, press the Reconfigure Password icon

Here you go! The aforementioned steps will enable you to access QuickBooks and will allow access to your company file with the newly created password that you have chosen to use. The Password Reset.exe file of QuickBooks can’t be reused without filling the verify form once again. For password reconfiguration separate QuickBooks organizational file, you are supposed to come back to the first step and go through the complete process once again. If you are not able to reset your QuickBooks admin password following the above-outlined steps, you can contact the QuickBooks technical support for professional assistance. Our technical support team is available 24*7 to serve you with the best resolution for your query.

Simply call us toll-free at ☎+1-800-796-0471.