Integrate QuickBooks Online with Salesforce

Connect your QuickBooks Online account with Salesforce and save valuable time

QuickBooks and Salesforce are two top popular applications based on the cloud that is accepted globally. The synchronization of both the cloud-based applications is suggested and selected due to some major reason that it saves abundant time that is usually wasted by the user in the data migration process when it is done manually.

No matter what is the size of the company or the sector contact management and the CRM are the best way that helps in accelerating the growth of the businesses. Salesforce is one of the applauded CRM software specially designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. QuickBooks small business accounting software is one of the well-known applications for small, medium and large organizations. It is a blessing for the start-ups as well. Let’s take a look at how you can successfully integrate Salesforce and QuickBooks program.

Salesforce and QuickBooks Desktop Integration

How to Integrate QuickBooks with Salesforce?

There are many ways to integrate Salesforce and QuickBooks accounting program. The first one is the suggested way and the other ways are customized methods. The below integration solutions are through the custom integration method. The QuickBooks integration through the application way are listed below:

A) Salesforce Integration for QuickBooks via Intuit

This marks as one of the initial developments of Intuit. The user might encounter an issue while the integration of both the software is going on but there are advantages of being economical is preferred.

B) DBSYNC QB Synchronization for Salesforce

This is the most chosen way for merging QuickBooks and Salesforce application. It allows assistance for custom mapping.

C) BOOMI Atmosphere Tool

This signifies a proficient and rich module that can be used for many purposes. The tool can also be implemented for the successful integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce software as well as integration with other software. This process is quite costly but it provides a proper and successful synchronization method. This process is suggested for the companies that include third-party programs to sync with Salesforce. To conclude, it is said that it is an overall integration of cloud solutions.

Here are some of the suggestion tips that you need to follow before you perform QuickBooks integration with Salesforce

  • Salesforce integration with all QuickBooks versions so that it can be approached by both the Desktop and Cloud versions.
  • What is the major purpose of the integration of QuickBooks and Salesforce? You are supposed to be clear about your requirement – one way or two-way integration. It helps you to fetch the information back from one computer system to another or a product.
  • The PC requirements for data update while getting altered or the need for an automatic update process for a specific plan on a monthly basis, weekly basis and regular basis.
  • Determine what is the type of trigger that you are interested in. Data migration from one source to another and further update the same record.
  • The user approves category to acknowledge the transaction update in the QuickBooks accounting software

Salesforce & QuickBooks Integration Program

Examine the Salesforce edition that is being used currently. As the QuickBooks accounting enterprise version will assist API integration and the professional edition will perform if the product is able to work with QuickBooks software. Other editions in the group do not perform according to the special integration plans where updating the integration is further required.

What exactly is the ROI (Return of Investment) on Integration?

For calculating the ROI, you need to consider the time involved in the integration process of both software that is saved. Then total it with the hourly wages of all the employees who save according to time resource with this integration technique. After that, you need to deduct the integration cost and the licenses cost from the total. In case the final sum is negative the reason behind this is to enhance customer satisfaction. Choose the payback period if the final numbers are positive.

Can Salesforce Configuration and the QuickBooks Business Workflow event be integrated?

For examining the integration process you need to make sure that there are customized fields in both Salesforce and QuickBooks products. At times the developers of the products vary so there is combat to contradict the value fields. It is recommended to choose QuickBooks integration with Salesforce for a smooth business process.


In case you have any doubt or query related to QuickBooks and Salesforce integration, you can immediately connect with our QuickBooks Customer Care Support Team via Email, Chat or Toll-Free Phone Support Number. The QuickBooks technical support team comprises of QuickBooks experts who are capable of handling the QuickBooks queries and doubts in the first call itself. Connect with the team via the ✆+1-800-796-0471 and garner instant support.


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Associate the Sale with the Original Customer, the Customer’s Organization or a single Online Sale Customer

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