QuickBooks has Reached the Maximum Number of Unregistered Uses

Is your QuickBooks software showing that it has reached the maximum number of unregistered users? Then an error has occurred somewhere in the software resulting in this message.

QuickBooks software can be used either in the single-user or in the multi-user mode. For those working in the multi-user mode, many users can be added to the network and can have access to the company file. So, when you receive a message stating that you have reached your limit, it can be due to more than one reason.

  • The QuickBooks software was to register properly or
  • The Windows operating system is corrupted
  • Multiple applications running in the background has crashed or froze the software
  • Improper deletion of an application or a hardware or improper shutting down of the computer
  • A virus or malware attack on the system

Whatever the reasons for the error may be, it needs to be rectified before using QuickBooks or adding another user.  When the windows operating system is corrupted, it will completely slow down the processes, making it impossible to continue. Hence, as a resolution to the error Maximum Number of Unregistered Uses in QuickBooks, we need to first look into the corruption in the operating system.

Resolution for Maximum Number of Unregistered Users in QuickBooks

One of the primary ways to resolve this error is to conduct a complete scan of the system to detect any malware or virus attack on it. By checking the stability, security and hardware of your system, you will be able to detect the problem in hand, and get a suitable resolution for the same.

For an advanced solution, conducting a manual update will help.

  • Start the system to begin with, a log in as an Administrator
  • Now, from the Start menu, click on All Programs <Accessories< System Tools
  • Select System restores and when the new window opens up, click on ‘Restore My Computer To An Earlier Timeand click Next
  • Click on ‘On this list, click a Restore Pointand select the most recent system restore
  • Click Next and when the confirmation comes up, allow it to restart the system.
  • When the system restarts, the restoration is complete.
  • Check if the problem has been addressed successfully. If not, go for a proper installation/Registration of QuickBooks software

Resetting the Registration of QuickBooks

Resetting registration of QuickBooks can also resolve the maximum number of unregistered uses error.

  • To begin with, browse to locate the file ‘qbregistration.dat’. For Windows Vista or 7 & 8 users, the file will be found in the program data<Common files < Intuit < QuickBooks
  • Now, when you locate the file, right-click on it and click rename. Give a file an extension, such as.OLD or so on.
  • Now, open a text editor such as Notepad and paste the code: xx.x> version of QB> yes Product Number / License Number of your Software/ 000073adbf3f in a blank file. The slashes ‘/’ in need not be placed between the product and license numbers. Replace the XX.X to 24.0 for 2014 version, 22.0 for the 2012 version, and so on.
  • Now, save this notepad as ‘dat’ and make sure the ‘All files’ options are selected for ‘Type’
  • You have now reset and saved the code (The file can be saved in the same folder as the old file)

Check for the error on maximum unregistered users once again, and verify if the problem is fixed. If it recurs again, consult a QuickBooks technical expert for assistance. The QuickBooks experts are available round the clock on our Accountsportal help desk number ✆+1-800-796-0471. Our Accountsportal QuickBooks technical support team has experienced QuickBooks experts.