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QuickBooks nonprofit is a cloud-based and on-premise fund accounting software for midsize nonprofit organizations. It consists of the functionality and features of QuickBooks designed for the nonprofit organizations. The main features of QuickBooks non-profit include fund tracking, invoicing, billing and expense management, donation letter management, inventory tracking, bank account sync, and reporting.

The QuickBooks solution permits users to track funds in diverse class categories. Users can also connect their bank accounts with QuickBooks to automatically download, categorize and track expenses. Users can team up with teams and accountants online. Other feature consists of estimating, donor records, third-party integrations, compliance management, and 1099 preparation.

QuickBooks non-profit is available in a monthly subscription and is supported in Mac and Windows operating systems. iOS and Android mobile applications are provided with restricted feature functionality. QuickBooks Nonprofit organizations can save time and work smarter with Desktop Enterprise.

QuickBooks Nonprofit Products

First off, QuickBooks doesn’t have a separate product specifically designed for nonprofits. However, several of its existing products offer nonprofits features.

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is a full-fledged, locally-installed accounting software designed for small to medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks Premier offers six industry-specific editions, including a nonprofit edition.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Like QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise is a locally-installed software targeted to large businesses and enterprises. This product also has a nonprofit edition.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software with tons of features and over 200 integrations. While there aren’t any built-in nonprofit features in QuickBooks Online, there are a ton of integrations that can give you the nonprofit features you need.

Features of QuickBooks Non-profit

Work at peak competence with time-saving tools: This software consists of time-saving features particularly for nonprofits. A midsize organization with 1-30 users can access simultaneously with competence to work in 2 business files and combined with reports to multiple files.

Safeguard classified donor data: Set individual user consent for around 115 varieties of activities, and fine-tune access authorization easily, giving employees access to the information they require.

Exceptional capability for donor lists: User can store thousands of vendors, donors, and items. You can grow the lists without negotiating with processing time and Enterprise over six times the capability of QuickBooks products.

Run critical reports effortlessness: You can find the right report faster with reports packed for the nonprofit organization. It is a time-saving process with templates auto-filled with the organizational details.

Automate program and fund accounting: It abridges the complex accounting tasks of running a nonprofit organization. Easily report and categorize on revenue expenditures by program, fund, and create convention reports for each program or fund.

Customize your non-profit organization: QuickBooks Desktop is completely customizable for a nonprofit organization. You can track your budget by funds or programs to know the organization growth and position.

QuickBooks Non-profit Assist with the Reporting

  • Remain IRS compliant: In case your nonprofit informs to the IRS with QuickBooks non-profit, you can tag expenses to programs, fundraising, general, or administrative all through the year to be prepared during tax.
  • Create focused reports: QuickBooks desktop can create any type of report you require instantly. Keep each one in the sphere with grant reports, custom board member, and donor.
  • Automate your reports: You can set up automatic reports to be emailed and created to your teams like a Statement of accounting position, Budget vs. Actual, Statement of accounting activities, and more.

Track it All with QuickBooks.

  • Accept all donations: Donation acceptance in possible via credit card, bank transfer, debit card, check or cash. Volunteers and employees can also record donations on their android phones.
  • Connect donation apps: It’s simple to bring in donation information from third-party tools for donation. With just a few clicks, transaction information is synced with the QuickBooks.
  • Sync your bank: Automatically connects your bank account and QuickBooks downloads the transactions, sorts it out for you, and keeps you updated.

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QuickBooks non-profit is really helpful and eases the accounting part of the non-profit organization with outstanding features and functionalities. However, you can always seek QuickBooks support services whenever required. Our competent teams are readily available 24×7 to offer solutions and comprehensive services. You can directly call Accountsportal QuickBooks toll-free helpline number 1800-796-0471 to connect with our tech experts. You can also visit the website and chat via online chat support.