QuickBooks Error Code 3371 – Infographic

QuickBooks Error Code 3371


QuickBooks Error Code 3371 specifies that QuickBooks “Could Not Initialize License Properties” The Message flashes when the user tries to activate or open QuickBooks.

How can it be resolved?

  • The user needs to retrieve the license agreement and validate it every time it is activated. If it is a damaged file, the QuickBooks will not open.
  • dat -It comprises desktop installation files having license information only.
  • Damaged/corrupt MSXML component -It comprises Microsoft components that QuickBooks require to run. This file navigates and helps QuickBooks to retrieve the data from QBregistration.dat so that QuickBooks can open.
  • Any antivirus interrupting the process or any obsolete Operating System incompatible to the user’s system.

Let’s Resolve

  • Download Latest Windows Update
    • Click on Logo Windows.
    • Go to All Programs
    • Click on Windows Update
    • Once the Windows update is installed.
    • Download QuickBooks.

Follow the instructions; follow the steps down-below

  • Rebuild the file “EntitlementDatastore.ecml.”Now, you will determine the license and registration issue.
  • Resolve Microsoft.NET framework, MSMXL and C++ issues with the help of QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools.
  • Reinstall using Clean Install.

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