QuickBooks Error 1311: Source File Not Found (filename)

If you come across an Error code 1311 in QuickBooks, then most probably you are updating QuickBooks software or exporting a report from the financial statement designer to Microsoft Excel. Sometimes, installation of the software to a system from CD might also cause the error. In such cases, the error message that appears on the screen will read:

QuickBooks Error 1311: “Source file not found (filename). Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.”

In such cases, the system will prompt you to either retry again or cancel and verify before proceeding. If you want to try resolving the error, then click cancel and proceed. You can also call the QuickBooks tech support team with the error report to understand its significance and know the possible solutions for it.

What causes Error code 1311?

Since the error may occur when updating or exporting files, the possible reasons for the error would be:

  • Microsoft Office is corrupted or Damaged
  • The version of Office is not compatible with QuickBooks software
  • Installation CD is corrupted

What are the possible resolutions for it?

The below-mentioned resolutions can be tried to check if the Error 1311 can be resolved.

Resolution – 1

Let us start with copying the installation files from CD to the hard drive, before installing.

  • Insert the QuickBooks CD into the CD-ROM and check if installation starts automatically. If it does, then press ‘QUIT’ to come out
  • Now, right-click on ‘START’ button of Windows and click ‘EXPLORE’
  • Create a new folder in any suitable location to copy the installation files
  • Now, browse to QuickBooks CD-ROM and right-click on it to EXPLORE
  • Find QBooks and THIRD PARTY folders, and click on ‘setup.exe
  • Hold the CTRL key and press both folders and file to COPY the files
  • Paste it on the NEW FOLDER created in the system.
  • In case an error appears, then the problem is with the CD-ROM itself.

In such cases, contact the accounts portal technical help to look at the issue and help resolve it satisfactorily.

  • If no error appears while copying, once it is copied, open the NEW FOLDER and
  • Double-click on ‘setup.exe’ to begin the installation.

Verifying Microsoft Office Compatibility

The Microsoft office needs to be modified to use Financial statement designer. Only then the reports can be exported directly from QuickBooks to Office. To do that:

  • Go to CONTROL PANEL and Double-click on ‘ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAMS’
  • Here, select Microsoft office to do the modification
  • The version of Microsoft office needs to be Microsoft Office 2000 or later
  • If not, you need to REPAIR or modify Office according to the instructions provided to resolve the error.

Restricting CD-ROM access

  • Click START on Windows and go to ‘SETTINGS’
  • You can now choose the security options.
  • Click on any one of the following, depending upon the version of Windows in the system – RESTRICT CD-ROM access to local users only

Check if the error 1311 reappears when you install, update or export files from QuickBooks. If it re-occurs again, call the Accountsportal QuickBooks Technical Support numbers to talk to the technical experts. With guidance from an expert, the persistent problem can be put to rest completely and permanently. Call on ✆+1-800-796-0471.

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