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The non-profit industry has benefited immensely since the development of accounting software called the QuickBooks Enterprise Non-Profit edition. This edition of the software is outfitted with multiple tools and features that are integrated keeping the needs and requirement of the same industry in mind. The tools, although adept for professionals, can also be used swiftly by novice computer users, considering the fact that most of the non-profit industry employees are generally not very techno-savvy.

The software consists of tools that can easily allow the user to streamline the imperative functions as per their need ensuring minimum hassle is given to the user while they are performing their daily tasks of recording Donors for the day/week or year, tracking the cash flow and sponsoring charities etc. These kinds of record keeping ensure the user is able to sufficiently grow their business and take their Non-Profit organization to another level of growth.

Features of QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit Edition

  • Actual budget details compared to predicted under Programs.
  • A detailed statement of expenses incurred that needs to be shown in IRS form.
  • Track donors offering the largest funds making them more important to a business.
  • The thorough analysis of the flow of cash through Statement of Income & Expense
  • Donors & Grants feature grants and funds made by many donors.
  • Get an in-depth analysis of the position of business by comparing the current balance sheet to previous years through Statement of Financial Position.

Add-on Tools Aiding in Escalation of the Business

The software is outfitted with numerous tools that apart from the features are unique to this edition only. The most impressive list of tools is showcased below:

  1. Enhanced Payroll: One of the most celebrated integrated tools provided with QuickBooks Enterprise software by Intuit is Enhanced Payroll which is available only in the Gold and Platinum version of QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit Edition that allows for handling of payroll tasks and complex taxes activities faced by the user in a matter of minutes. In case you have any issue in installing and integrating the tool with QuickBooks you can call on QuickBooks Enterprise support number for prompt resolution. It offers the following benefits to the users:
    a.  Authentic and reliable tax calculation
    b.  1099 Contractors and W-2 employees facilitated with instant paychecks.
    c.  Direct Deposit featured
    d.  E-payment and e-filing of taxes at the end of the year.
  2. Advanced Reporting: This tool is included in all three versions of QuickBooks Enterprise, that is, Silver, Gold and Platinum version. The tool can be easily integrated within the QuickBooks Enterprise Non-Profit edition that allows you to garner a clear picture of the business by providing a concise summary of all business activities under one proper report. Advanced Reporting feature smoothly collects all the data provided under different headings to build a customized report as per the requirements of the user. The tool is prized by Intuit as one of the most customizable add on the program ever built that also offers the option of advanced filtering to the user apart from just searching of the data. By using the ODBC compliant applications the user can easily combine two different set of company files which will accord a better picture and standing of the business.

Full-Service Plan of QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit

Under Full-Service plan provided with QuickBooks Enterprise software of Non-profit edition user is facilitated with numerous tools and features of which some of the most important ones are listed below:

  1. Automatic Online Data Backup: In order to safeguard the imperative financial data which is quite sensitive and confidential for the business Online Data Backup and Restore Support is provided integrated smoothly within the system for regular and automatic backup.
  2. Data Recovery: To counter the issue of Data Loss, Intuit provides support in form of tools and a professionally qualified and trained team that specializes in data recovery.
  3. Regular Product Updates & Upgrades: New versions released of QuickBooks Enterprise will automatically be provided with which will include imperative updates for the currently in use software that will patch up security loopholes and add on tools and features.
  4. Technical & Proficient Support: Users will be accorded with round the clock support from Intuit certified ProAdvisor who are intensively trained to handle all sorts of QuickBooks Enterprise issues.

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Non Profit industry has favoured a lot from the inclusion of specific accounting software, especially for this industry. The tools and features integrated within the software are basically fitted due to the regular need of the same by the professionals working in the industry. For more information on the same or to resolve any issue faced with the software, you can call us, that is AccountsPortal.co A reliable QuickBooks Technical Support agency, on our toll-free number – ✆+1-800-796-0471. Moreover, an online chat option can also be availed by browsing through our website – Accountsportal.co.