QuickBooks Email Error Support

QuickBooks Email Error Support & Unable to Send Email

QuickBooks is a star in its field. It has developed businesses through its analytical and business intelligence reporting skills. However, there are areas where QuickBooks are prone to errors. It may be because of the network issue, company files issue or desktop/system requirements issue. These issues can be easily fixed while working on the software.

In recent times, QuickBooks has been generating an error while sending out an email to MS Outlook. There could be different reasons for the error to pop up:

  • The Settings for email in QuickBooks would be incorrectly managed.
  • There is a possibility of a corrupt MAPI32.dll file
  • Either QuickBooks or Outlook has been installed incorrectly
  • While you’re sending out email from QuickBooks, MS Outlook should not be open in the background.

Here are a few solutions which would let you fix the issue for email discrepancy:

Solution 1: For QuickBooks Email Error

 Reinstalling QuickBooks with clean installation would probably eliminate all the errors from the email. By reinstalling the software any corrupt data files or improper installation would be discarded, thereby making the program run smoothly.

Solution 2: For QuickBooks Email Error

 This solution advice to prevent the software from running in as admin

  • Get the properties from the QuickBooks Icon
  • Tap Compatibility
  • “Run as Admin” – unselect
  • Select OK

You can now restart the software and go easy.

Solution 3: For QuickBooks Email Error

 Email Preference Setup on Internet Explorer

  • Internet Explorer > Tools > internet options > Programs
  • Select the preferred email from the program list. Note: this should be the mail program which you will use while sending out emails from the software. Like, in this case, it should be MS Outlook
  • Close all the windows and restart QuickBooks

Try and send out emails from the software.

Solution 4: For QuickBooks Email Error

 Email Preference Setup on QuickBooks

  • In the Edit option > Select Preferences > Send forms
  • My Preferences > send using email
  • Select the email program which you would use from the software.
  • Close all the windows and start QuickBooks

Try and send out emails from the software.

QuickBooks Email Support Number – Call 1800-796-0471

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