QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018 – What’s New & Improved Features in it

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018 has been launched with new and existing improved features. It is very helpful to complete the daily task with minimum effort. Here we are describing all the major changes about the QuickBooks Desktop Premier. All these amazing features will be compared with the version year 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2016. We have explained here about the system requirements to set up and install the software. Any point of time you want to connect with us or require any technical assistance, feel free to contact us on our QuickBooks Technical Support Number. Call us on our Toll-Free Number ✆+1-800-796-0471.

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018?

Support for Multi-monitor:

  • Now the user can also get their work done faster & significantly with the system open across multi-system.

All reports of Inventory:

  • The user can add insight and flexibility to their business with the latest customizable inventory reports.

Searchable Chart of Accounts:

  • It is easy to find sub-account or an account with an added search bar in the account’s chart. Search by account number or name.

Accrual toggle/ Cash toggle:

  • Now they user get valuable insight in a single select and compare their overall performance on either accrual basis or cash.
  • Do tasks exclusive to their business rapidly.

General business:

  • It is easy to manage and handle inventory items
  • It is very useful to entire inventory related everyday jobs in one place by using the inventory centre in QuickBooks.
  • It is also easy to track the balance sheet as per class:
  • It is easy to access report to track their financial data separately by department, location etc.
  • Pay bill to customers increasingly by job stage.
  • It is also easy for the bill and tracks customers by material and time, job phase.

General Contractors:

  • Create reports (Jobs by retailer)
  • It will manage their jobs by the retailer and the user can also see which vendors still require to be paid.
  • Generate work estimation and follow change orders.
  • The user needs to go in change orders as job changes and it will keep following of the changes as well as an impact on their bottom line.

Job Profitability analyzing:

Job cost reports with customization permit them to see a job’s profits by task by task level and detail.

Wholesale & manufacturing:

  • With this, the user can easily track their inventory by themselves as well as through vendors.
  • Here it is given the most favourable inventory levels and track inventory. It is capable to maintain require recordings and showing items.

Track productivity by product

  • The user requires keeping track of their biggest money makers so they will know which products to enhance and maintain in stock, and which to drop from their line.
  • Easily prioritize which orders to fulfil
  • The user can see all open prioritize and sales orders them how they want. Here the user can see which orders can be shipped and which cannot.


  • Make your end of year statement donation and also able to track their contributions.
  • The user can track each donor’s contribution total as required.

Expert Services:

  • Follow unbilled expenses and time.
  • They can see all the customers with unbilled expenses and time by the user, clients, projects or service. Also, it is easy to send an invoice with some clicks.
  • Set multiple billing rates by users, service and clients.
  • It has become easy to pay the right amount easily and quickly set different billing rates.

Analyze profitability by client and project.

  • The proposal by Project, Reports like billed, Cost to complete my job, vendor help & job costs by the job they stay on top of which assignment or project is most profitable.

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