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When we discuss QuickBooks Data Recovery the first thing that comes is data back up. What to perform recovery online for QuickBooks Corrupt Data Files? For the QuickBooks users, the crucial company data of the users is stored in form of database in the servers that are safeguarded tightly. Perform the data back up activity is imperative for any business. Handling your regular tasks without a comprehensive recovery solution can end up with many serious issues, lost customers and wasted time in data loss. Data Recovery feature that was introduced in QuickBooks 2010 R6 and 2011 R12 US editions, which was really a blessing for the QuickBooks users. This feature was integrated into the QuickBooks Pro and Premier of the QuickBooks accounting software.

What is QuickBooks File Repair Service?

The Intuit technical support team are approached by the users with the common issue that states “they are unable to open their QuickBooks file”. QuickBooks has developed the Company File Diagnostic Tool to verify the problems by identifying the error and the exact cause of them and repair the error. At times the tool fails to fix everything and the user is restricted to open and access the company file. Further, you need to send your company files to be repaired by the Intuit Data Services team. Before sending the file to repair have a backup copy of your file.

Cloud Hosting SupportHow to Recover or Repair QuickBooks Deleted File?

In case the company file comprises financial data is highly crucial. Financial data is imperative for a company as it comprises all payroll data, expenses, receivables & payables, income along with state as well as sales tax. Before you get involved with QuickBooks data recovery support, you should perform the backup remarkably. With effective and efficient planning and strategies in place, you can easily assure the saving of money and data of your company. The file back-up process is very simple and can be done in a few steps.

  • Open the QuickBooks software and then click on “File” and “Save Copy or Backup” from the given menu.
  • Choose the radial button seen besides “Backup Copy”
  • Click the “Next” button.
  • Choose“Local Backup.” Click “Options”
  • Select the “Browse” button. Select the destination to save the backup file from the pane in the “Browse for Folder” window.
  • Click “OK”
  • Click “OK” in the “Backup Options” window. Choose “Next”
  • Choose “Save it Now” from the “Save Copy or Backup”. Type your chosen file name decided for the backup in the area next to “File Name.”
  • Click “Save”

How does the QuickBooks Data Recovery Feature Work?

When you open a QuickBooks company file after one hour the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature will perform some internal diagnostics on the file. If the file remains opened and passes the test, the application considers that it was a good file and a backup copy is made into the ADR folder. After the copy is made the ADR transaction log will contain all transactions added to the file from that time. After 12 hours are passed QuickBooks makes another copy of the file. For this process, you have to keep your QuickBooks open so that the program knows that the file is accessible, and it will again run some short internal diagnostics. If everything passes, the first ADR copy is renamed to “old” and a new ADR set is created. Only one “old” copy is kept around. So you get two copies – one (12 hours old) and another (24 hours old).

This is how the data recovery functions in QuickBooks. For more details and assistance you can connect with QuickBooks customer support service. The team can be approached via phone, email or live chat. Also, you can connect with other QuickBooks Technical Support agencies like Accountsportal.co that hires qualified professionals who are capable of handling QuickBooks data recovery issues and queries in a very short time. You can connect with the team round the clock. They assure complete support in a very short time. Connect via the toll-free phone support number ✆+1-800-796-0471 and garner immediate services.

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