Call QuickBooks Data Recovery Support Number for Better Understanding of Auto Data Recovery Tool

Backing up of data is an imperative task in the business world, especially when dealing with the financial aspect of the business as all the details are highly sensitive and confidential. However, the problem comes with remembering to perform the backup process which is what the small businesses generally face issue with.

Many come with numerous excuses like a hassle to set up backup process, forgot to start backup etc. This can cause serious issues when using accounting software like QuickBooks as the data stored in the software is bound to be highly delicate in nature and thus immediate backup is required in case of data loss. For any issue faced with software regarding data loss prompt call to QuickBooks data recovery service, a number should be placed who will provide the correct way to recover the data lost.

Considering the importance of recovery of Data Loss, Intuit came out with a tool called Auto Data Recovery that is outfitted with QuickBooks editions and versions. Initially, the tool was only built-in R12 of QuickBooks 2010 and R6 of QuickBooks 2011. Its purpose is to automatically create a backup locally of the QuickBooks company file of the business.

In the starting stage, the tool was set up with only Pro and Premier Editions of QuickBooks and was not included in other editions – QuickBooks Enterprise and Premier Accountant. Furthermore, an expert technical support team was put on standby to deal with any issues related to data loss that can be contacted through the QuickBooks data recovery support number.

If the edition employed by the user supports the ADR feature, an additional folder is added onto the system on which QuickBooks is installed including new files stored in the folder. This folder is made for QuickBooks Data Recovery tool and is created automatically on the system. It basically stores the backup file of the business’ company file along with a copy of transaction log details that is actually generated by QuickBooks.

Working of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Tool

Once the user has downloaded and installed the QuickBooks software followed by the opening of the company file, QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery tool starts processing internally on the company file about an hour later. Once the opened file passes all the diagnostic tests, it is treated as an uncorrupted file and is sent forward for backup to be kept in the ADR folder. If the user gets stuck and the file is not backed up they can approach the professionally knowledgeable experts by ringing on QuickBooks data recovery service number.

Next step forward after creating the first backup file of the company file is the ADR transaction log which will consist of all the new transactions made after the backup was done. The software will then create new backup files after every twelve hours after the first one. The process, however, does not take place when the software is switched off. Once the user reopens their company file, they will be provided with two backup files, one is 12 hours old and other 24 hours.

The process followed under Auto Data Recovery feature is quite easy to understand and work. However, if any issue is faced with the same QuickBooks data recovery support number to garner expert technical support. Alternatively, they can also try third party support agencies like QuickBooks Support Number with the website – through which live chat can be garnered or call on toll-free number ☎1-800-796-0471 to directly connect with QuickBooks experts.