QuickBooks Customers Not in Alphabetical Order

While running QuickBooks on any device, users may come across a few problems. One common problem that users face is that the QuickBooks Customers are Not in Alphabetical Order. One simple yet effective way to solve this problem is referred as “Re-sorting QuickBooks lists” which users can try on their own or if needed can take professional help. Let us find out in this article how to solve this problem.

How to solve the problem “QuickBooks Customers Not in Alphabetical Order”?

Changing Customers, Vendors, Employees, and Other Names when not in alphabetical order

There is a “master names” list in QuickBooks. This master list has the names of vendors, employees, customers, and also a few other names that users might come across in transactions sometimes. While it is possible to resort each customer or employee lists separately, experts usually recommend to re-sort the master names list, though this list is not seen on any of the menus. So how do you proceed? Check out below:

Case 1: Re-sorting list from the banking menu

  • Go to QuickBooks
  • Open the Write Checks window
  • Go to field Pay to the order of
  • Place the cursor on it
  • Next, you press Ctrl-L
  • Your Master List opens
  • Give a tick on the checkbox next to Include Inactive
  • Select Name
  • Select Re-sort List

Case 2: If you do not have banking permissions, you have to do the following:

  • Go to Find window
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on Find
  • Choose Advanced tab
  • Choose Name from the Filters list
  • Click on the field and press Ctrl+L.
  • Choose the Inactive check box.
  • Select Name
  • Select Re-sort List
  • Click Ok

These steps will re-sort the entire list of customer names, including employees, vendors in an alphabetical order.

Case 3: Keeping Customer names in order when giving the print command or when exporting or selecting names

At times, the customer names are in alphabetical order in QuickBooks. But, when the users give the print command or when they need to select or export names, the customer names are not seen in alphabetical order. Even in this case, you have to follow the above-mentioned steps. That means you need to re-sort the master names list.

Case 4: You can also change customer names in alphabetical order by using General Journal Entries

If the above steps do not solve your problem, you can try the following steps:

  • Select Company
  • Make General Journal Entries
  • Go to the Name column
  • Press Ctrl + L and the Names List appears
  • Select Include Inactive checklist.
  • Choose arrow next to Name
  • Select Re-sort List
  • Click Ok
  • Close the company file

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