How to Use the QuickBooks Conversion Tool?

QuickBooks conversion tool helps in converting the files from other accounting software to QuickBooks. If you are switching over from one accounting software to the other, then all the files, including the company file need to be converted before using it on QuickBooks.

Since recreating all the files is near impossible, QuickBooks conversion tool helps in automatic conversion of these files. This converted file will then be incorporated in the new software and can be used as before.

The conversion tool is free and can be downloaded and installed in the system (where the files from the old software are present) to get them ready for use.

Download and run the Conversion Tool

Download QuickBooks Conversion Tools

Essential Information about the Conversion Tool-

Every tool has certain system requirements, and the QuickBooks conversion tools also have one.  The following are the requirements:

  • The tool can be downloaded and installed on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7
  • Requires a minimum of 512 MB memory and 2.5GB storage space on Hard drive
  • Should have 500 MHz Intel Pentium II processor
  • Version 2.0 of Microsoft .NET framework

While the conversion from any software (either Sage 50 or Peachtree) will work the same, there might be some slight differences when converting files from different software. Consult a QuickBooks technical expert before proceeding with the conversion to avoid loss of data, if you are not clear about the system requirements or the conversion process.

Steps to Convert Files from Old accounting software to QuickBooks:

If you wish to convert files from Sage 50 (2013 and above) or Peachtree to QuickBooks Desktop software, the QuickBooks conversion tool can help achieve this easily.

To Install:

  • Download the Conversion tool and Install it in your computer where the old files are present
  • Click on the ‘OPEN FILE’ window on the conversion tool and select ‘RUN’
  • When the installation wizard is complete, click ‘NEXT’
  • Click ‘OK’ to agree to the terms and conditions of the license and click ‘NEXT’ to select the place where you want to store the installation wizard. (the tool will ask you if the location is fine. If you want to change, click on the ‘CHANGE’ tab to give a location of your choice)
  • Click NEXT and FINISH, once complete.

To Convert:

Two necessary requirements, before launching the conversion tool is that:

  • You have a licensed QuickBooks desktop software installed in the system
  • The files to be converted are present in the system where the conversion tool is launched

Once this is confirmed –

  • OPEN the conversion tool, and when prompted to select the accounting software which contains the file (the old software), select the relevant one – Either Sage 50 or Peachtree or whatever applicable and click ‘NEXT’
  • A list of files will be displayed.  Browse the list of files appearing to LOCATE the COMPANY file you want to convert, and click ‘NEXT’
  • When prompted, select the QuickBooks product where you want to convert and click ‘NEXT’ (If you want to change the file name that is to be converted, you can do so before clicking NEXT)
  • Browse to select the conversion level, and click NEXT
  • Here, two prompts will appear- one to select the Lists and transactions and the other to CONVERSION date – click on your preference and click ‘START’ to convert
  • This might take some time, depending upon the amount of data stored in the company file. Once completed, and when a message comes to that effect, click ‘FINISH’

You can start using this converted company file on the QuickBooks desktop software. Check if all the data has been transferred. However, if you encounter a problem or an error, call the AccountsPortal tech experts to help you with the issue.

Although conversion tool works excellently, at the time, due to the problem with the tool itself or the company file stored, the users might encounter an error with the conversion. In such circumstances, having an expert to guide you through the process will make the endeavor successful.

Dial-up our QuickBooks technical support toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to speak to the AccountsPortal helpdesk experts to resolve the issue.

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