QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Error

QuickBooks bookkeeping software works at providing reliable and continuous support to the small and medium-sized business users. The flexibility of the product has helped many businesses to enlarge their base and work with efficiency on several platforms at a time. QuickBooks software can be linked to bank accounts also, to aid in direct invoice payments. This is where the bank reconciliation and errors associated with it can come in.

Bank Reconciliation and Discrepancies:

Bank reconciliation process is done to ascertain if the ending balance on your account matches with the bank statement. Sometimes, there may be cases where these two figures do not match, and that is when errors or discrepancies crop up.

While discrepancies crop up due to changes to the transactions that have already been cleared in earlier account reconciliations, or sometimes a duplicate payment is being made, errors are another matter.

If the QuickBooks software crashes during a bank reconciliation process or shows an error while opening a PDF file, it might be due to change in the version of Adobe Reader. For instance, if you have 10.0 or 9 or 8 versions of the Adobe reader installed, but have not given it as a preferred version for viewing the reports, then errors of different codes might pop-up. Or, if you have an older adobe reader version, you might need to update it to the new version to make reconciliation process accessible without errors.

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Solutions for Bank reconciliation errors and Discrepancies:

  1. Update Adobe reader version
  • Open the Adobe reader, and select ‘HELP’ and ‘ABOUT ADOBE READER’. Check for the version of adobe reader you have in your computer.
  • Now, download the latest version of Adobe reader available – (Say, ADOBE READER 11.0) to update.
  • Install the new version of Adobe Reader, and reboot the computer to save changes.
  • Now, try to view the reconciliation report
  1. Display PDF preference to be Changed
  • Open the ‘WINDOWS START’ menu and select ‘PROGRAMS’ or ‘ALL PROGRAMS’
  • Now, click on ‘EDIT’ and ‘PREFERENCES’
  • On the preference, the window displayed, select the ‘CATEGORIES’ list and click on ‘INTERNET’
  • Now, select to clear ‘DISPLAY PDF IN
  • BROWSER’ for WEB BROWSER options.
  • Click ‘OK’ to save changes.

The above solutions would work if these errors in reconciliation process are due to Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat displays or PDF display preferences. However, if there is an ‘irrevocable’ error, you might need to ‘rebuild’ all data or do a discrepancy report to check if and why the problem persists. There are certain errors which might require expert help. Call our Accountsportal QuickBooks technical support help team, if you are not able to resolve it at your end.

  • Resolve QuickBooks Reconciliation discrepancies:
  • For discrepancies pertaining to reconciliation, on the ‘BEGIN RECONCILIATION’ window, click on the ‘LOCATE DISCREPANCIES’
  • A discrepancy report will be displayed for your perusal. You need to make changes, wherever required, or deletions needed, to arrive at a solution for the problem.

Discrepancies and errors are a very rare occurrence. However, sometimes, they can create confusion due to their unpredictability. Bank reconciliations are a very mandatory and crucial process to keep our accounts well-updated. Call for help at ✆+1-855-355-0553 whenever any error crops up, to resolve it as soon as possible.