How to Print T4 Slips and Summary?

The following tasks must be completed before printing T4 slips and summary.

1: Setting up form options for T4 slips and summary

Users must go to the ‘Setup’ menu in ‘Home’ and select ‘Reports & Forms’. Next, they must choose ‘Federal Payroll’ in ‘Government Forms’. Then, in ‘T4 Slips Printer Settings’, a printer must be chosen from the ‘Printer’ list.

For printing form and its contents, users must select ‘Plain-paper laser and inkjet form’ from the ‘Form Type’ list.

In case the pre-printed government forms are being used for printing, select  ‘Pre-printed laser and inkjet form’ from ‘Form Type’, and then select font along with font size of 10 pt or less.

Next, a test print must be done.  In case the printer is prepared for T4 summary and the pre-printed forms don’t contain company information, users must choose the option at the bottom for printing the company name and address. Once done, select OK.

2: Completing prerequisites for paper filing

  1. Users must check the‘T4 and RL-1 Reporting tab values in employee records and adjust them if needed.
  2. Necessary adjustments must be made for payroll year in paycheques of employees.
  3. Business number, the name of a company and address must be provided in Sage Accounting.
  4. Every employee’s record must have a SIN, first and last names, and complete address, along with residential province. It must be verified whether an RPP/DPSP Registration Number, adjustments to pension, QPIP, and adjustment in Insurable Earnings have been provided.
  5. For the following scenarios, verify that ‘T4 Employment Code’ provided in employee record is correct:

Placement agency—self-employed

A driver of the taxi or other passenger-carrying vehicles

Barber or hairdresser

Withdrawal from prescribed salary deferral arrangement plan

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program

The detached employee-social security agreement

  1. The T4 Summary information must be verified.

Printing a T4 Slip and Summary

  • Users must go to Home-> ‘Reports’ and select ‘Payroll’, followed by ‘Print T4 Slips and Summary’. Next, users must choose the year to be printed in ‘Select Year’.
  • Then one or more employees must be chosen from the list or users should opt for ‘Select All’ for selecting all employees. For printing T4 slips of employees not active, the ‘Include Inactive Employees’ box must be selected, followed by checking all the employees that aren’t active.
  • If federal government T4 slips are to be printed, the ‘Print CRA Copy’ box must be chosen. If T4 slips of employees and company records need to be printed, the ‘Print Employee And Company Copies’ box must be chosen. For printing T4 summary for filing, the ‘Print CRA T4 Summary’box must be chosen.
  • Next, all the boxes in the ‘T4 Summary Business Information and ‘T4 Summary Contact Information’ tabs must be filled, or the information in these tabs must be checked by the user. Once this is done, OK must be selected.
  • Next, in the T4 Box Options dialog window, users must go to ‘Income’ and select the box number for printing an income amount. Alternatively, the boxes can be left blank. (For viewing the list of numbers for selection, users must select the arrow on the right of a box.)
  • Then, going to ‘Deductions’, users must select a box number for printing a deduction amount. Alternatively, the boxes can be left blank. (For viewing the list of numbers for selection, users must select the arrow on the right of a box.)
  • Once this is done, users must choose OK.

Optional step: Users can provide missing/correct company and employee data in company information and employee’s record sections.

These steps should help users print T4 slips and summaries. But if there are any problems or users need more information, they should call the Sage Technical Support Team at this toll-free number ☎+1-800-796-0471 for detailed 24X7 guidance.