How to Fix a Posting Error in Sage 300 (Accpac)?

There are times when as users of Sage 300 software, you might have experienced a posting error message that has made you stop at the very crucial point and restart again. The posting errors can occur on any of the tools used, including the general ledger, accounts payable and receivable or at any other batch level.

While getting a posting error is bad news, the good news is that the Sage 300 has a functionality that allows users to print errors at each batch level. Printing error reports at batch level give an advantage of identifying where the problem has occurred and correct them as applicable, before proceeding with the work.

How does the posting error occur?

Errors can occur at any stage, due to different reasons, including human mistakes when entering a transaction.

The common examples of such posting errors include:

  • Posting transactions on a locked or an inactive year
  • Posting an invoice which is already present in the system
  • The total amount of details and the total amount of invoice do not match in accounts receivable
  • The customer number is not active, causing the error
  • Posting in the upcoming year (future date) for general ledger, and so on.

Mistakes such as the above-mentioned list are quite a common occurrence, and cannot be avoided altogether, even with care. But, the Sage 300 software lets us take a printout of the posting error to understand where or how the error has occurred, and thereby letting us correct the mistake and to resolve the error.

If you are facing one such Posting error, the best way to go about is to print a posting report. If you are doing it for the first time, and want suitable assistance, call our Sage technical support number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to talk to our Sage help desk representative.

Printing Posting Error Report to Fix Error:

It is easy to print a posting report which can give us a detail about where the mistake has occurred.

  • When an error message pops up, only when a batch of invoice or any other transaction is posted. As soon as the error message comes up, note down where or which batch the error has occurred.
  • Now, you cannot find the error just by printing the error message. Open the invoice or general ledger batch that the message has shown ‘Say, batch 32′ and scroll to the right-hand side to see a column ‘No. Of. Errors’
  • When you double-click on this column, you will get a Posting Error Report Window opened up
  • Now, click Print on that window, to get the posting error report printed out.
  • The Posting Error Report will give a clear indication of how or why the error has occurred, under the column ‘Description’. From here, you can find the exact problem and rectify the error as applicable or by going to the batch and correcting the mistake.

The Posting error can be easily solved using the Posting error report. However, remember that unless you can print the correct report, it will be difficult to locate the mistake.

Every posting error can be resolved by this method. For any queries on printing posting error reports or for problems in printing the report itself, call our Accountsportal Sage 300 tech support helpline ✆+1-800-796-0471 to talk to the experts. The Sage experts are available 24/7 for guidance on the posting error issues as well as on anything related to the software.