Peachtree to QuickBooks Data Conversion and Migration

Planning to get converted from the old Peachtree software to the new QuickBooks version? We are all creatures of habit and would love to stick with the old. However, there are times like this when a conversion can give us a much better result and therefore, we need to go ahead with it despite our reluctance. QuickBooks can help assemble everything under one umbrella and would help you operate on it easily with its huge array of tools.

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If you are, however, still apprehensive about the problems or issues you might face while converting, and is worried about the errors popping up, never fear. Understand that the conversion takes a longer time, and definitely, a lot of data needs to be processed.

Hence, apart from time, there might also be certain precautions that need to be taken to ensure there are no errors cropping up during conversion.

Cloud Hosting SupportIssues and Precautions when converting Peachtree to QuickBooks:

So, you are all set to convert your Peachtree and all data connected to it to QuickBooks software? Take care of the below-mentioned pointers before settings out to do the final conversion.

  • Have you backed up all data into a hard disk or anywhere else? If not, get the backup of every single data essential to you to make sure is it safe. Although the conversion tool can quickly and efficiently convert the Peachtree into QuickBooks, it is always advisable to have a backup for safety. When the conversion is done, and you have checked that everything is clear, you can always erase the backed up data.
  • There are some different rules for naming in QuickBooks. Since it is limited to 41 characters, and one name cannot be used twice, it will start renaming the files to 001, 002, and so on. Hence, name the files and check if there are any duplicate names in the Peachtree files to prevent duplication or deletion of data or automatic renaming of essential files.
  • Once you have downloaded the converter tool and it converts the data automatically, you need to enter the company name and also enter information in it manually. To do this, Open QuickBooks, click on Company < Company Information. Now, Open Peachtree and click Maintain <Company information. You can copy/paste the information as required.
  • An issue reported by the users who are trying to convert from Peachtree to QuickBooks is that the former gives ‘Period Change’ for the total at the bottom and the latter gives it as ‘Transactions’. The QB total balance in some cases might not match the Peachtree. For such issues, check the failed transaction log (for conversion) from:


While the conversion tool can be downloaded from the QuickBooks website and easy to transfer the files, there are some technicalities involved in the process.

It is, therefore, necessary to have a QuickBooks technical Support expert with you to make the conversion successful. There are some very important data out there which needs to be safeguarded, despite taking a backup.

It is, thus, advisable to consult a QuickBooks expert before making the conversion from Peachtree to QuickBooks desktop software. Dial the Accountsportal Peachtree technical support help number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to talk to the experts and consult them regarding any issues on conversion of software.

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