Payroll Taxes Not Calculating After Upgrading to a Newer Version of Sage 50

Sage 50’s integrable accounts, payroll and HR-related software provide cloud-compatible and data-secure solutions across industries. Often after Sage 50 users upgrade to a newer version, the payroll taxes cannot be calculated. Some of the problems related to this are the inability to run calculated payrolls or tax forms; the payroll tax form selector window not being visible; payroll tax tables not available;  payroll formulas not available; inability to transfer tax formulas, and so on.


The problem could be due to one/more of the following:

  • The Sage 50 version is outdated
  • Users haven’t chosen every tax-related formula
  • The tax service installed isn’t correct
  • Users haven’t installed any tax update
  • Sage 50 is denied access by Windows User Account Control
  • Sage 50 subscribers need to update information
  • Sage Business Care is no longer valid
  • Users have spent the 20-day grace period
  • Users have not activated the software
  • The payroll year chosen on the paycheck is wrong.
  • Users have chosen a future accounting period
  • The time/date settings of the computer are wrong


1: Upgrading the Subscription

NOTE: In order to check subscription updates, the anti-virus or firewall might have to be switched off.

First, users must choose ‘Sage 50 Subscription Updates’ in ‘Help’, then choose ‘Online’ and then OK. Next, users must again choose OK when the subscription updated message appears. Then, it must be checked if taxes can be calculated.

2: Installing current payroll update

Users must download and install the current payroll update.

3: Sage 50 denied access by User Account Control

The program must be run by users as admin or the UAC must be disabled. Then, users must check if the payroll and tax reports and forms can be run without errors.

4: Expiry of subscription or payroll add-on not purchased by the user

For this, users can contact our Sage 50 helpdesk team.

5: No salary/hourly amount in an employee record

Users must choose ‘Maintain’, followed by ‘Employees & Sales Reps’. Then the employee must be chosen, followed by the ‘Pay Info’ tab. Next, the employee’s ‘Salary Pay Rate’ or ‘Hourly Pay Rate’ must be provided, and when this is done, ‘Save’ must be chosen.

6: Wrong future payroll year was chosen in the paycheck

Users must check whether the year shown on the payroll screen is correct. If the check date is of a future year, taxes won’t be calculated.

7: Future payroll date is posted the plan renewal date

It must be checked that the payroll check end date that is entered is prior to the date of the support plan renewal. It must also be checked that there’s correct year update of the user-maintained formulas.

8: Selecting the correct accounting period

After choosing ‘Period’ from the horizontal bar, users must choose the correct accounting period and then OK. Then, it must be checked that the payroll can be calculated accurately.

9: Selecting the correct tax formula for all taxes

  • First, choose ‘Maintain’-> ‘Default Information’-> ‘Employees’. Then, choose ‘Employee Fields’ tab. Then, choose ‘Calc’ for all the taxes that the program must calculate. Then, select ‘Formula’ beside every selected ‘Calc’ section and choose the correct tax formula:
  • Fed_Income: FIT
  • Soc_Sec: FICA EE
  • Medicare: MEDICARE
  • State (if utilized): write **SIT
  • Local (if utilized): write **LIT
  • Then, users must select ‘Adjust’ for every added formula. Next, check if ‘Use’ that’s next to ‘Gross’ is selected.
  • If there are any fringe benefits that have been set up, which must be taxed for the tax being edited, users must mark the ‘Use’ box that’s next to the concerned benefit.
  • If there are any pe-taxed deductions for the tax being edited, users must mark the ‘Use’ box next to the concerned deduction.
  • Once this is done, OK must be chosen, followed by ‘Company Fields’. Then, the ‘Calc’ box must be chosen for all the taxes that the program must calculate.
  • Then, select ‘Formula’ beside every selected ‘Calc’ section and choose the correct tax formula:
  • Soc_Sec: FICA EE
  • Medicare_ER: MEDICARE
  • SUI_ER: write **SUI ER
  • Then, repeat steps 2-4 and select OK once completed and select OK once more for saving the changes made.
  • Next, it must be checked that taxes can be calculated on the paychecks.

For any further Sage 50 application or product-related help, users must contact our Sage 50 Technical Support Team at this toll-free helpline number ✆+1-800-796-0471. The Sage help desk personnel are ready to provide expert help 24X7 across countries.