Not Able To Sync Files in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop has the feature QuickBooks sync manager which helps in syncing files of your system with internal add-ons and third party data stored in Intuit cloud server. This feature enables easy exchanging of data between two or more parties. So, when a user makes a change in his QuickBooks Desktop, it automatically syncs with the data in the server. However, at times, QuickBooks sync manager stops working and you get error messages like as “Intuit sync manager discontinued”, “Intuit sync manager not working”, “QuickBooks sync manager not working” etc. Such error messages mean that the user is not being able to sync files in QuickBooks.

Causes of not being able to sync files in QuickBooks

When there is QuickBooks Sync Manager issue, the user cannot open the QuickBooks. There are many causes for this, such as follows:

  • Damaged or missing program files
  • Networking problem
  • Intuit Sync Manager is not the upgraded or the latest version
  • QuickBooks Desktop is not the upgraded or the latest version etc.

How to solve QuickBooks Sync Manager issue?

If you are not able to sync files in QuickBooks, try the following methods to resolve the issue:

Method 1: For Damaged or missing program files

To resolve this issue which causes the problem of syncing, you need to rename Intuit Sync Manager folder. The steps are:

  • Close all QuickBooks company files
  • Close Intuit Sync Manager
  • Select the Sync Manager folder
  • Rename it as SyncManager.old
  • Now open QuickBooks
  • Open Intuit Sync Manager
  • The folder gets automatically created
  • Click on Sync Now

The above steps will sync your QuickBooks data.

Method 2 Networking problem also causes the error Not able to sync files in QuickBooks. In such cases, close all QuickBooks programs, turn off your modem and computer, wait for some time, restart your system, turn on the modem, and start syncing files in QuickBooks.

Method 3 If the above 2 methods do not work, then it means that either your QuickBooks software or QuickBooks Sync Manager or both are not of the latest version.

Get the latest QuickBooks Desktop version installed on your system.  To uninstall and reinstall the latest version of QuickBooks Sync Manager, do the following:

  • First of all, get the QuickBooks application uninstalled
  • Now you need to rename the Intuit folders, which can be found in C-drive in Program Data, or Users or Program Files

At times, you are not allowed to rename the folders. In such cases, do the following:

  • Go to Windows Taskbar
  • Right click on it
  • Choose the Task Manager
  • Select the Processes tab
  • Now, select the column heading with Image Name
  • Also, choose the order in which the process will take place
  • Select the appropriate files ending with .exe under the Image Name folder
  • Click End Process
  • Click on yes
  • Now, install QuickBooks application.

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