Not Able to Run Sage 50, Use Sage 50 2019 Database Repair Utility

Sage 50 Database Repair Utility

Sage 50 is developed mainly for small and medium businesses. The software is also integrated with several third-party applications. At times, while running, there are many possibilities of an unexpected technical or functional which may damage the company files.

These data files are an integral part of Sage 50 and require all the more care for proper functioning. The reasons for corruption can be many, but there is the Database Repair Utility through which the user can create the new data path.

Reasons For Sage 50 Corrupt Data Files

  • Improperly patched or damaged Sage 50 Database Engine in Pervasive.
  • Missing, damaged or corrupt data files
  • Improper Connection between the data path and network, network congestion
  • Malware or virus infection

How Can Sage 50 Database Utility Files Help

  • Correct the damaged database engine or an improperly fixed engine
  • Help restore the damaged, missing or outdated data files in the data path

How To Resolve The Corrupt Sage 50 Data Files

Sage 50 database repair utility helps in resolving the issue by analyzing if the problem is caused by Sage 50 components, the local OS environment, or due to a network connectivity issue.

The utility needs to be download so it can fix by replacing the Pervasive Database Engine and creating a new local data path.


  • Before proceeding to any complex resorts, always create a backup of your data before. If necessary, seek assistance from a qualified Sage expert.
  • If the issue is the result of the damaged data file, then instead of uninstalling and reinstalling the service, reinstallation of the latest Service Release should be auctioned.
  • Special care to be taken in the environments which have multiple releases of Sage 50.
  • When uninstalling/reinstalling Pervasive, the latest version of the tool should be used. When troubleshooting a suspected bad data path same care should be taken to match the latest tool version with the version of Sage 50.
    Start the Tool
  • Start the tool and extract all the files needed which will help in the proper working of the tool and click Agree on the End User License Agreement dialog box
  • It will further give any of the 3 options below:

1. Remove Pervasive
2. Install Pervasive
3. Create a New Local Data Path

Step I: Remove Pervasive

  • Uninstall Pervasive from your computer system
  • You must be login as the Administrator
  • Before running the tool, make sure all users are logged out from their systems
  • Close your Sage 50 software & Start to Remove Pervasive Utility
  • The uninstalling process may fail initially and this is normal
  • If the uninstalling process fails 2 or 3 times then there is a likely possibility of the high probability that there is a registry issue for which you can call AP Experts for help

Step II: Install Pervasive

  • The Install Pervasive Utility will install Pervasive on the local computer with all necessary updated patches to it.
  • Now re-install the latest version of Sage 50 Service Release

Step III: Creating a New Local Data Path

With the help of this utility, you can easily create a set of clean and new Sage 50 data files in the path directory as factory default files. For testing an existing company with this new data path, you can copy a Sage 50 company into the new data path directory. Confirm the location required for the new data path.

  • Put the New location in the Box where you want to store the new data path > Save it in a location where the previously stored directory did not exist
  • The Company to Copy feature will move the complete directory from the older data path to the newly created path. The process will lead to copying the entire directory, including backups, attachments, etc and can take time
  • With the help of the Manage INI Files, you can activate the original data path and move back to it
    Go to original data path > Select Make Active > Close
  • This will help you re-install the latest version of Sage 50 Service

With the solution mentioned above, you can easily rectify the Sage 50 issue. Just verify that your companies are present and open without error.

Contact AccountsPortal Experts

Even after running the above steps in the Sage 50 Database Repair utility, if you are not able to run Sage 50 as desired, then you should seek help from AccountsPortal.

We provide holistic troubleshooting for all issues related to Sage. Our line of experts is amply trained and skilled in handling the most complex issues related to Sage.

Connect with us for all your queries and issues related to Sage on our helpline +1800-796-0471. We have other platforms like 24*7  Sage 50 chat support and email where you can discuss your queries and you will be assisting with the right solution to put you back on track with Sage at the earliest.