New Features of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 2019

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2019 offers web-based, on-premise, and mobile (POS) solutions for all sized businesses. This software allows users to manage inventory, construct customer relationships, and computerize the overall banking process. It also enables users to automatically enter sales information into the user’s software. Other key functionalities of QuickBooks Point of Sale consists of barcode scanning, price lookup, credit card processing, refunds, receipt notes, discounts, exchanges, layaways, gift cards, quotes, and customer history.

The QuickBooks POS software’s inventory management capabilities consist of price tag customization, backorders, inventory classification, inventory forecasting, inventory matrix, customer orders, and kit assembly.

This software also has several employee management functions like the ability for tracking, assigning security access levels, employee performance, commission’s management, and a time clock. QuickBooks also incorporates retail accounting functions such as accounts payable, sales audit, payroll processing and receivable.

Summary of QuickBooks POS 2019 Software

QuickBooks POS 2019 SoftwareWhat It CostsCapabilities
BasicStarting at $1,200Ring sales, take payments, track inventory and customer data, basic reporting, integrate with QuickBooks Desktop
ProStarting at $1,700All Basic capabilities, plus manage employees and payroll, offer layaway and gift cards, and access advanced reporting
Multi-StoreStarting at $1,900All-Pro capabilities, plus manage multiple stores, manage and transfer inventory, and access to advanced sales and inventory reporting between stores

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2019: Basic

The most basic of the QuickBooks Point of Sale 2019 software options are appropriately named Basic.

With the Basic version of QuickBooks POS software, your business will have access to all the fundamentals while avoiding the extra cost that all the bells and whistles carry.

Compared to other Intuit payment solutions, Basic QuickBooks POS software will have a shortlist of capabilities:

  • Ring sales
  • Take payments
  • Track customer data
  • Perform basic sales reporting
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2019: Pro

The next step up for QuickBooks POS software is the Pro version.

This version of the QuickBooks Point of Sale software will grant your business access to a longer list of capabilities, but will also come with a more substantial cost.

The Pro version will cost you $1,700 to access the following capabilities on top of those that come with Pro:

  • Manage employees
  • Manage payroll
  • Offer layaway
  • Offer gift cards
  • Coordinate rewards and loyalty programs
  • Perform advanced reporting

QuickBooks Point of Sale: Multi-Store

The most powerful of all the QuickBooks POS software options is the Multi-Store plan. Relative to other Intuit payments solutions, the Multi-Store option is the most powerful and the most costly software option.

For $1,900, the Multi-Store version of QuickBooks Point of Sale software allows your business to access following capabilities beyond those that the Pro plan offers:

  • Manage multiple stores
  • Manage and transfer inventory
  • Advanced sales and inventory reporting between stores

Functions of QuickBooks Point of Sale 2019

• Accept card payments: The payment process is fast and customer-friendly, integrated with QuickBooks Point of Sale. Your customers can now easily pay via debit cards, credit cards, and online payment.

• Ring sales: Features to ring sales with an elective barcode scanner, you can manually enter items numbers or names. You can add discounts and create customer information for Customer Relation Management.

• Track your inventory: Your inventory is updated, in the point of sale with every transaction providing an overall picture of the business. You get the knowledge of your bestsellers and areas required reordering.

• Track and recompense customers: Review the customer history such as balance owed, loyalty program status, credit available and special discounts at the top of the transaction screen each time it rings sales.

• Sync with QuickBooks: QuickBooks POS updates your books, whenever you accept payment, update your inventory or process a sale. This reduces the time is taken and potential errors.

• Operate with Microsoft Surface® Pro4: Select your point of sale system and move around the store when updating inventory or working on back-office tasks.

QuickBooks Point of Sale 2019 Software

Basic: QuickBooks Point of Sale

The QuickBooks Point of Sale (Basic) is a software option for a small organization. The basic version of QuickBooks Point of Sale software helps your business to access all the fundamentals by reducing the extra cost. Compared to the other versions of QuickBooks POS, Basic version have to shortlist of abilities such as Take payments, Ring sales, Integrate with QuickBooks Desktop, Track customer data, Perform basic sales reporting.

Pro: QuickBooks Point of Sale

The next version for QuickBooks Point of Sale software is the Pro. The Pro version of the QuickBooks software Point of Sale grants your company functionality for a longer capabilities list, with a more considerable cost. Some functionalities or capabilities of QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro 2019 are Offer gift cards, Manage payroll; Perform advanced reporting, Manage employees, Coordinate loyalty and rewards programs, Offer layaway.

Multi-Store: QuickBooks Point of Sale

The most helpful of all the QuickBooks Point of Sale software is the Multi-Store plan. Compared to the other versions of QuickBooks POS solutions, the Multi-Store version option is the most influential and the most expensive software option. This version of QuickBooks POS software allows the business to manage multiple stores, advanced inventory and sales reporting between stores, Manage and transfer inventory.

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