New Feature of QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

Intuit in recent months has been working on launching the latest upgrade of its software – QuickBooks 2018 for all the versions and editions. It has also released a few updates for its recent upgrade that was released in September 2017. The particular improvement came in terms with QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018 edition which is quite popular with countries like Canada, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

It is outfitted with numerous features and tools that united together offers a professional level of services to handle the tasks and activities related to the contractual nature of the business. This particular edition was incepted by Intuit with tools that will make the job handling of businesses working under the sector of construction much easier and less complex. With features like advanced reporting and inventory, generation of reports and keeping a check over the financial flow of the business is no more a daunting task.

Improved Version of Old Features under QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

Below listed old features have been provided with new lease of life as certain enhancements have been provided to them to suit the intricacies of the construction business world. Moreover, any small tidbit of the issue faced with them is also resolved:

  • Job Costing: With this new feature you can view the job summary in one screen that saves time.
  • Altering Functionality Order: Easily fetch the complete estimate of your complete task comprising of the minor small changes. You can track all the alterations that took place and further you will know about the effect of the changes.
  • Reports for Contractors: Track all your costs and bill payments. You can easily get to know about the status of your financial and accounting data. The extra 18 reports for the contractors assist in cost maintenance by vendors as well as provide you with an outline for the company expenditure.
  • Tips by Experts: You get tips and tricks on many topics that further help your business and you as well to target the right clients.
  • Advanced Job Costing Tools: Manage the profits and loss summary on all jobs with this with the help of the advanced job costing tool.
  • Flexible Billing Rates: Smoothly get assigned to multiple accurate estimates for your office staff.
  • Chart of Accounts: You get a configured Chart of Accounts for your contracting business at the same expert’s advice for your business.

Newly Integrated Tools and Features in QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

The software is further integrated with new features that further enhance the user experience while dealing with the construction aspects of the industry. Some alluring features of QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 Edition are listed below:

  • Multi-Monitor Support: The user can simultaneously work on two extra monitors along with one main workstation.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: You get the authority to edit your invoices by copy paste the data by lines from keyboards.
  • Support for Secure Webmail: You can easily send secure emails via QuickBooks to email your forms or reports.
  • Enhanced Inventory Report: You can now add extra column and filter in your reports.
  • Scanning of Mobile Barcode: Now you can scan your barcode of products for shipping when discussed default scanners.


The construction industry has favoured a lot from the inclusion of specific accounting software, especially for this industry. The tools and features integrated into the software are basically fitted due to the regular need of the same by the professionals working in the industry. For more information on the same or to resolve any issue faced with the software, you can call us, that is, on our QuickBooks support agency toll-free number – ✆+1-800-796-0471. Moreover, the online chat option can also be availed by browsing through our website –

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