How do You Mark an Invoice as Paid in QuickBooks?

Once the QuickBooks user completes the process of customer payment and marks it as paid, open invoices of the same customer get automatically closed and records are managed authentically. If the user accepts payments and makes no record of the same in the accounting software then it is possible for some interfering errors to crop up.

This could result in obstruction while generating QuickBooks reports or reconciling bank statements. The open invoices are generally managed as per the name of the customer which can be tracked through Receive Payments screen. In case of multiple open invoices for a customer, user will have to provide specification in terms of which invoice is being paid.

In order Mark Payment as Paid follows the steps below:

  • Open QuickBooks software, select ‘Customer’ option from the main menu and then further click on the ‘Receive Payment’ tab that will display a new screen called Receive Payments.
  • Now from the drop down menu select the option ‘Received From’ to choose the respective name of the customer in order to preview the outstanding invoices list located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now type in the amount being paid along with the date in their respective field for both Amount and date.
  • Next, select the option of ‘PMT Method’ from the menu followed by type of payment. In case the customer is using debit or credit card, then in the correct field of Card number and Expiration Date provide details in respective field.
  • Next from the drop down menu select Deposit to option, under which select the account in which amount has to be deposited.
  • Now against the invoice for which the payment has to be made select the box to check marks it. Remember, that by default invoice made earliest gets selected.
  • Lastly, complete the process by clicking on Save & Close tab to apply the payment made.

Receipt (statement) for a single customer:

  • From the main menu of QuickBooks software select, the tab labeled Sales Invoice on the left side of the window followed by selecting the Customers option located in the top part of the screen.
  • Under the section labeled ‘Action’ selects the drop down menu and then click on ‘Create Statement’. Now for the Type option click on Balance Forward in the Statement screen.
  • Next in the correct column type in Date – Start and End both.
  • Click on ‘Save and Send’ / ‘Save and Close’ tab.
  • In order to print the statement select either Print or Preview, which will open the preview window displaying the statement last format before forwarding it to printer to print?

The above steps should easily help to generate and print receipts for single customer while the steps displayed earlier should help to mark open invoices as paid. If there is any issue in completing either of the processes, user should immediately get in touch with the customer care support team of QuickBooks set by Intuit itself. This team is comprised of proficient QuickBooks consultant who is adept in handling any and all tasks of the software without much hassle and can be connected through the phone support.

However, if the call of the customer is not getting through due to the long queue, they can go for alternative agencies like live chat from the website.

To have a chat with our QuickBooks Tech Support, call our 24/7 available toll-free ☎+1-800-796-0471.