The Issue of Logo Disappearing from the Invoice Template

Quickbooks helps in streamlining your work and aids in better work management. Whether it is managing your orders or inventory management, Quickbooks and its various versions are like a big gift for everyone working in the accounting world. QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Solutions even enables a user to correctly adjust a business order to shape into a work order frame.

Quickbooks not only helps to automatically create invoices and track the work orders, one can manage huge deals with convenient software like Quickbooks as it has a feature to manage payments too. However, while working on any software, there can be doubts or questions by a user. Let’s explore more about one such doubt related to Quickbooks. If there are any further questions, a user can also call on the toll-free number to directly talk to the Quickbooks tech support team’s experts.

Disappearance of Logo from Invoice Template- What to Do?

It is a common issue with Quickbooks users that when they try to take a Quickbooks backup, the logo on the invoice or the purchase order disappears. There is no reason to panic as this problem can be fixed.

Check the folder where you keep your main file. The invoice logo and different image files associated with the Quickbooks company are stored in this folder. This folder contains ‘Images’ in its name. This issue normally occurs because when the user is trying to restore a company, Quickbooks does not always restore that ‘Images’ folder as it is to the correct place.

Therefore, after restoring, if any of the logos or images are missing from the data, then follow the following methods by moving a few things approximately in Windows:

1.    Go to My Computer in Windows or the place where you store your data of Quickbooks. Check if there is a folder named ‘Images’ under a separate folder called ‘Restored_MyCompanyName_Files’. Change its location by moving it from there to the main company folder where it cannot be seen by the working data.

2.    The ‘Images’ folder has to be moved and copied from the original folder to the new folder where the file was restored. Even if the original data is located at another location, the above steps have to be followed.

The main aim of doing all this is to get the ‘Images’ folder under the folder which has all your Quickbooks or QBW files. Quickbooks then will be able to read or see it when you open your company. After that, the logo will also appear on the forms. For more details, contact the Quickbooks tech support at

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