How to Use E-filing and Reporting for Accounts Payable Sage 50?

Sage 50 – E-filing & Reporting

E-Filing and Reporting for Accounts Payable streamlines tax reporting process, guarantees form compliance as its Auto-populated with Accounts payable data and it is easy to use as it can be quickly installed and activated, actual data can be edited on-screen and has access to archives of historical filing and copies.

In order to print the Sage 50 Accounts Payables (AP), Report, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

Step# 1: Select the option Vendor and Purchases and click on Reports (icon). Other option is select Reports & Forms and then selects Accounts payables (as shown in the screenshot below)

Step# 2: Next select the 1099 vendor report and then click on option buttons. When the user clicks on the “options” as displayed in the below screenshot; modify report screen displayed to the users.

Step# 3: Select the year to preview along with other criteria from the filters or Sorting and Summary section. Here if the user wants to print summary report then they need to check the checkbox “Summarize Report” (shown in below screenshot) and to print the detailed report you just need to uncheck the “Summarize Report” checkbox.

In case of any problem please contact our Sage 50 Technical Support team for more advanced stepwise details.

Step # 4: If you want the file to be exported to Excel, then click on Excel (icon). From Excel, Click on File → Save as. Select the directory to save and name the file saved.

Step # 5: Click on Employees & payroll → Forms → Federal Forms. Other options are select Reports & Forms → Forms → Tax Forms.

Step # 6: Double-Click Payroll Tax Forms. Select the (year) in option 1099- MISC or (Year) 1099- INT (shown under available forms sections).

Step# 7: Click on the filing period to yearly and select the correct Year and then Click on “OK” to print the Accounts Payable Report. Please contact our Sage Technical Support expert in case of any problems in filling the columns.

E-Filing Service

If the company subscribes to the e-filing service, one can file e-file 1099 and 1096 Federals Forms, where recipients to receive the 1099s electronically for which there is added a charge for the services. Steps involved in e-filing are as below

Step#1: Choose My own Options, select the forms one need to print and then click on Next (icon) button if only forms are to be printed.

Step#2: Verify your selections from the previous page and then click on “Next” and Review the data and click on “OK”. Repeat the process as necessary to review all forms. If you select the e-file forms, the Aatrix Secure e-file window will appear, where screen instructions to be completed to complete the process.

Technical Support for SAGE 50

The e-Filing and Reporting for Sage 50 streamline your tax process to save your time and paper. Our Sage Tech support team acts as a guide which will provide a step-by-step walkthrough for your set up and teaches you how to fix some common issues you may run into. Hence Sage 50 can help you harness and focus all of those of capabilities into comprehensive reporting that works for your business.

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