How to Upgrade to Peachtree?

Peachtree could be upgraded automatically or manually.

Automatic upgrade of Peachtree:

  • In case there is a new update, you will get prompted for the same. Options like Don’t Download or Download Now will be available there. You can choose the Download Now
  • Once you click on OK, downloading of the software will get started
  • Keep moving forward along with the prompts shown on your computer screen

Manual upgrade of Peachtree:

  • Updates for the manual downloading are available readily, prompting is not needed
  • Choose the update which you want to continue with
  • Get the upgrade downloaded on your system
  • Once the download is complete, the executable file should re-run from the location of download? Don’t forget to close the Peachtree in case it is open
  • You will see that the process of installation is now complete and the Peachtree is updated

Why Upgrade to Peachtree?

The way technology is changing and new updates are coming with each new day, upgrading the current technology you are using has become vital. Be it services or products, in order to maintain the pace with ever-changing business environment, you cannot get away of timely upgradation of the technology. Peachtree software upgrades itself, to ensure that customers may have the best experience with the user-friendly interface. Peachtree’s every upgrade makes it efficient and effective.

What are the features of Upgrading to Peachtree?

  • Updating Peachtree will bring in the convenience by making account reconciliation easier. Irrespective of the present accounting period of your company
  • Check printing that too in a waste-free manner will be ensured. Not just that, it will also work for payroll check. A new update will ensure that few checks are used and your money is saved
  • You can easily get rid of the inactive vendors by the option Set Multiple Records as Inactive Tool. It will help you to know the inactive members by telling you the date when they were active last. You can swiftly flag the ones who are not required further.
  • You can do better inventory analysis


Upgradation of Peachtree is not a difficult task or something that will take much of your efforts and time. But as you know it is a technology, there could be some situations wherein you alone would not be able to tackle it. If you face any such issues then get in touch with our Sage support team on ☎+1-800-796-0471.

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