How to Sync QuickBooks File Between Two Computers

Sync QuickBooks File Between Two Computers


  • To share a QuickBooks file between two computers, both the computers should be on the same network.
  • Both the computers should have the correct installation options

Ways to share QuickBooks file between two computers

Method 1: Re-install QuickBooks from both the computers:

Yeah, although it is surprising it is one of the easiest ways to share files between two computers. Please follow these steps in order to follow this method:

Please note:

If you are worried about the loss of the company files, then don’t worry- during an un-installation company, files are safely retained on your PC.

  • Firstly uninstall the QuickBooks app from both the computers.
  • Then reinstall the QuickBooks app with correct options.
  • Once you have configured all the settings in the reinstallation of the QuickBooks app, the primary computer which stores your company files gives you an option to hare the files to another computer connected over a common network.

In case you have different sets of company files on both the computers and wish to share them between the two computers over a network, then you would need to follow the next solution.

Method 2: Merging Company files:

This method involves the following steps:

You would need a Data Transfer Utility app for merging company files.


  • Download Data Transfer Utility app on the primary computer.
  • Copy the desired company files from another networked computer to the primary computer.
  • Open QuickBooks one primary computer.
  • Go to ‘File’ and open the company files from the second computer.
  • Click on ‘Open or Restore Company.’
  • Click on ‘Open a Company.’
  • Select ‘Open Source Company.’
  • Click on ‘Export Data from Source Company.’
  • Allow an access to the company files at all times.
  • Continue with on-screen instructions.
  • Click on ‘Close.’
  • Click on ‘File.’
  • Select ‘Close Company.’
  • Click ‘File’ and then on ‘Open or Restore Company.’
  • Choose ‘Open a Company.’
  • Now choose the company file which was originally used on your primary PC.
  • Click on ‘Import Data into Destination Company.’
  • Now go to ‘Open Destination Company.’
  • Allow an access to the company files at all times
  • Allow the app to access the personal data.
  • Click on ‘Close’ tab for the ‘Currently Connected to’ option.
  • Now click on ‘File.’
  • Select ‘Close Company’ and then on ‘Change.’
  • Choose ‘Select Type of Data’
  • Click on ‘Import’ and then on ‘Import Data Into Destination.’
  • This will share the sync the files between the two computers.

When finished delete the secondary source files from the primary PC.

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