How to Setting up Sage 50 Job Costing 2018, 19

What is Sage 50 Job Costing?

Sage 50 Job Costing is best suited for companies having up to 250 employees. It assists the company in preparing the costing of projects, monitor against quotes and preparing the budget. Sage 50 Job Costing not only understands the costs of the jobs but also lets us break down by assisting us sticking to our budget and maintaining the schedule. For the business where keeping track of day-by-day scenario of the jobs cost plays an important part, Sage job is the costing solutions that give you an accurate job cost scenario. In this way, the companies know their positions in this competitive market and the gap to be developed.

Exciting features you get:

  • It helps the company/user create project details and billing information.
  • Breaks down the jobs according to labor costs and materials used.
  • It manages multiple jobs and also compares costs.
  • Produce cost analysis for every job.
  • It combines the group jobs together by using code/ category.
  • Keep track of the project
  • Put forward/highlight the most profitable jobs
  • Records details like costs, timesheet and billing information
  • Directly integrates with the Sage 50 Accounts
  • It has the access to all the management analysis report
  • You and post and print invoices directly from the Job Costing
  • Sage 50 Job Costing integrates directly with Sage 50 Payroll
  • Sage 50 Job Costing imports employee details directly from Sage 50 Payroll
  • It Transfers the payroll data directly into Sage 50 Payroll

Why important for business?

  • It helps to control business costs quickly and efficiently.
  • It gives the instant and accurate detailed breakdown of cost
  • It provides you the cheaper mode to keep tracks of job progress and expenditure
  • Offers additional features, such as batch timesheet entry and, purchase order processing that is ideal for companies with more complex or specialized requirements.

Special features:

  • Customers: When a new job is created in the Sage Job costing, you can automatically add details into Sage 50 Accounts. Also, the billing can be easily created by selling invoices which can be posted to Sage 50 Accounts.
  • Suppliers: In the Sage Job Costing, when you create credits and orders/ purchase invoices and you can also use the suppliers set up in the Sage 50 accounts. Also, can create a new supplier where the details are automatically added. The transactions appear on the supplier activity window when you post-purchase invoices and credits.
  • Nominal Ledger: You must enter an existing Sage 50 Accounts nominal ledger code when you post-purchase or bank transaction. The transaction automatically updates the nominal code in Sage 50 Accounts.
  • Products: In Sage Job Costing, the stock levels and updates are automatically decreased and increased

Additional Sage 50 Support:

In case, if you want to know more about Sage 50 Job Costing and its functions, our Sage 50 Technical Support teams are always available for you to provide the best of its information. We have a group of experienced experts who would clear all your doubts and queries providing you best of the solution.

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