How to Restore QuickBooks Backup File When Trying to Restore Backup?

Backup files are essential and mandatory aspects of operating the QuickBooks software for small and medium-sized businesses, since it will keep the files safe for use, in case the original files get corrupted. Here, we will discuss how to resolve if an error occurs, when trying to restore the QuickBooks backup file.

It is not often that the users face this error whenever they are trying to restore the backup file. However, in case if the error occurs, the immediate solution would be to call in for the accounts portal tech help to restore the issue instantly. While you are trying to dial the QuickBooks technical support number, look for the causes of the error, by following the steps mentioned below.

What are the reasons for failed ‘restore backup file’?

Your QuickBooks backup file might have failed to be restored, due to various reasons, such as:

  • Presence of special characters in the company file name
  • Trying to restore a backup over another company file
  • Versions for backup and restoration do not match
  • The company file being restored is damaged
  • The backup is restored from a network or USB drive


The resolution for this error can be more than one, depending upon where the problem lies at your end. Let us look at some of the possible resolutions for this error.

Resolution – 1

Check for the presence of special characters

To check for the special characters:

  • Click on ‘Search files using windows’ to locate the company file
  • Right-click the file and select ‘RENAME’ to check for special characters and rename the file without special characters.
  • If there are no special characters in the file, proceed to the next step

Resolution – 2

Overwriting the backup file

  • While restoring the backup file, the windows will ask for a location. On the location where you want to sav, check if there is another file with the same file name.
  • A prompt asking, if you want to overwrite on the existing file, will appear. Click ‘NO’ for the prompt and proceed to change the file name and SAVE.

This will help in restoring the backup file. If not, proceed further.

Resolution – 3

Backup on network or flash drive

If the backup file to be restored is on the flash or Network drive, copy it to the desktop of your computer, before trying to restore it. This will eradicate the error if any.

Resolution – 4

Sometimes, a damaged folder on which the backup file is created can also result in the error message. Try copying the backup file on a different folder and restore it to check if the problem is resolved.

Resolution – 5

Different versions of Software

Is your backup file on a new version and you are trying to restore it to an old version of the software? Backup files from an old version can be restored to a new version, but not the opposite way.  Call the tech helpdesk in case if you have queries regarding the version incompatibility.

Resolution – 6

If the last five resolutions have not helped, then there is a probability that your company file is damaged. The only way to go about it is to ‘REPAIR’ the damaged file to proceed. Ask for the QuickBooks expert help on the Accountsportal tech support number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to fix the QuickBooks issues.

Ensure that you have all the QuickBooks helpdesk numbers of our QuickBooks tech support team, to get aid on any problems you face while working on the QuickBooks software. QuickBooks desktop and related products are extremely versatile and easy to use. A little help from our QuickBooks tech support help team can make the work easier for the users.