How to Repair Adobe Reader for QuickBooks?

Any business, be it small or large, needs an accounting package to handle its needs. The accounting packages present a lot of features that make the finances easy to understand. However, even in these packages, there are problems that appear. Sometimes, they seem difficult to resolve. One such problem is when you open are required to open an old PDF file for some reconciliation and the file fails to open. Let us read what might be the issue and how can we rectify it.

How to Repair Adobe Reader

It is quite possible that you are already working on the latest version of Adobe Reader but not able to open the document. Or it might be the case that you have updated to the latest version but still, the situation is the same. In both the cases, you will have to repair Adobe. Here are the steps to repair Adobe:

Step 1: You would have to start this process by closing Adobe Reader.
Step 2: Now, after this open all web browser windows.
Step 3
: Next, look at the bottom-left of your screen and click the Start button present there.
Step 4: You should now go to Settings and then the Control Panel.
Step 5: If you are working on Windows XP, then click on Add or Remove Programs. If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7, then click on Programs and Features.
Step 6: After this, click on Adobe Reader.
Step 7: Now, if you are working on Windows XP, click Change or if you are working on Windows Vista or Windows 7, click on Uninstall/Change.
Step 8: You would see a Setup dialog box appearing on your screen, click Next on it.
Step 9: Now, click Repair and after that click Next.
Step 10: You would now get the option to click Install. Click it and the process will start on its own.
Step 11: After the installation is through, click Finish.
Step 12: Now, you would need to restart your computer.
Step 13: You should now log in to QuickBooks Online and try to work on Adobe Reader.

Scope of Services

We are sure that the steps shared in this article would help you with your issue related to Adobe Reader in QuickBooks. The entire process is simple and would not take much of your time. However, if you still face any issue, at any step, do not feel hesitant and call our team of experts. We have our technical professionals who would be glad to help you anytime of the day. We believe in providing quality services 24×7 throughout the year. Feel free to call QuickBooks Technical Support Toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471.  Our dedicated team would resolve your issue in the least possible time.