How to Print Previous Bank Reconciliation Statements in QuickBooks

QuickBooks has a feature of printing bank reconciliation statements for a period already reconciled previously. This report is especially useful in resolving any account discrepancies created while troubleshooting the bank reconciliation issues. In this article, we will guide you how you can view and print previous bank reconciliation statements.

Steps to view and print previous bank reconciliation statements.

  1. From the QuickBooks Desktop go to the reports menu and select banking.
  2. Select the previous reconciliation statements.
  3. In the previous reconciliation statement, the report window selects the account for which you want the report and also the ending date of the statement.
  4. Also, choose the type of report.
  5. Choose the type of transactions that you wish to include. There are two types of transactions that you can include are:
  6. Cleared transactions during reconciliation.
  7. This report displays snapshot of previous reconciliation statement showing transactions that were reconciled previously.
  8. A PDF file will be opened.

iii.    For printing, this report clicks on the print icon on the top of this PDF file and then click on print.

  1. You can also save this report by clicking on the Save icon. Make sure you give a proper path where the file will be saved and a proper name so that you can retrieve it easily later.
  2. Cleared transactions along with the changes made to them.
  3. Under this report, you will be shown the current status of the transactions that were previously reconciled.
  4. However, the transactions that have been deleted or have been assigned to another account will no longer be displayed.

iii.    This report opens as QuickBooks reports. This report can be modified, printed or exported to other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

  1. Click on Display.

Thus the aforesaid are the steps to view and print previous reconciliation statements in QuickBooks. If you are facing any difficulty in understanding any of the aforesaid steps or you are unable to carry on the steps to view the previous bank reconciliation statements then kindly get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support Team on our Toll-Free Number ✆+1-800-796-0471. We have a pool of trained technical professionals who are pro in resolving any QuickBooks related Queries.

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