How to Merge Duplicate Vendors with QuickBooks Desktop 2018?

QuickBooks desktop software allows users to merge duplicate vendors on the software through a new feature called the New Merge Duplicate Vendors. This way, the feature helps users in cleaning up the vendor’s list and also has a check-list on the vendors list whenever required.

The feature is available on the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprises software 2018 and provides an access to at least four duplicate vendors name to be included or merged. Also, with the tool, it helps users to consolidate the transactions made to vendors under one heading, and update it whenever required.

If you are a new QuickBooks user or an old one wanting to merge vendor accounts, read on to know more about the feature and also the steps involved in merging the account.

Requirements for Merging Vendor Account in QuickBooks desktop software:

Before going to merge on the vendors, make sure that you have the below-mentioned requirements with you:

  • Check if you are using an accountant’s copy file or a.QBA file. If so, then you need to come out of it before merging
  • Verify if the company file is set to single-user mode
  • Check if the multi-currency mode is turned- Off
  • Verify that the vendors you are trying to merge do not fall under the category of – Tax Exempt, Tax Authorities, Direct Deposit Vendors or Paid through online banking

Merging Duplicate Vendors in QuickBooks Desktop Software:

If you are using the QuickBooks in single-user mode, and not through the accounts edition, then:

  • Open QuickBooks software and click on ‘Merge Vendors Window’
  • For QuickBooks Accountant Edition software, click on the Accountant Tab, and when the list appears, select ‘Client Data Review’. Now, from the list, click ‘Merge Vendors’ to merge duplicate vendors
  • For those using the QuickBooks Desktop enterprises software, click on the Company Tab and when the list appears, select ‘accountant tools’. Here, select Merge Vendors from the list provided
  • Now, a Merge Vendors Window will open up, with a list of vendors. Browse to find vendors that you want to Merge, verify once again that you are merging the correct name, and click on the names to select them
  • Click ‘next’ and when the prompt appears, select a Master Vendor and click on ‘Merge’ (there is also an option, which asks you if you need to create a Back-up and then merge vendors. It is advisable to create a back-up before merging vendors)
  • Now, when the confirmation window appears with a prompt, click ‘yes’ and then ‘OK’ to Merge duplicate vendors to the Master Vendors list
  • A confirmation message is provided with ‘merge complete’ window.

The Whole process of merging vendors is easy and simple to follow. However, in case you have any queries, reach out to the QuickBooks technical experts at the toll-free numbers provided, before merging the duplicate vendors.

Things to understand before merging vendors using the new feature:

  • This new Merge Duplicate vendor feature is over and above the merge one vendor into another tool
  • You cannot use the feature with a multi-currency option activated in the QuickBooks. Merge duplicate vendors option does not support multi-currency option
  • Up to four duplicate vendors can be added to each Master Vendor list provided
  • All transactions of the vendors will be added to the master vendor list when merged

In case of any queries or issues regarding the new feature, call our Accountsportal technical expert team for details and resolutions. The QuickBooks Technical Support are available 24/7 on the toll-free number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to resolve any problems regarding QuickBooks and related products.