How to Fix Sage 100 Contractor Audit Errors?

Sage 100 contractor audit errors occur due to various reasons, such as multiple lines of calculation is done for an employee or a payroll record was not applicable and repair not done to correct it. There are many such similar and other complicated reasons that cause Sage 100 contractor audit errors. While the resolution depends upon the cause, there may be times when you need to have a skilled person to help with it.

Why Audit Errors Occur?

When a ‘PERIOD’ is closed, and the default posting period is advanced to the next PERIOD of the following fiscal year, the Sage 100 contractor audits all transactions to verify and match account balance.

The users will be prompted to print an audit report, if there are any problems with the transactions, or balance not matching in the report. This audit report can then be used to resolve the error that has appeared.

Now, the AUDIT ERRORS differ depending upon where and when they appear. This way, it will be easier to report or review the error and resolve it successfully.

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How to Resolve Sage 100 contractor audit errors?

Depending on the kind of audit error, the resolutions may differ. Let us look at some of the possible resolutions for audit error in Sage 100 contractor.

For PERIOD audit errors:

When there is a problem in the PERIODS mentioned in audits, you encounter an audit error. To resolve:

  • Now, click on ‘RECALCULATE BALANCES’ to make the calculations.
  • Again, click ‘RECALCULATE BALANCES to cross-check and verify.
  • Try to do the audit report again to check if the error has been resolved.

For PAYROLL audit errors:

Payroll audit errors appear when there is a number of lines of calculation for the employee or the payroll record was void, and the repair to it was not done. Try the below solutions depending upon your error.

  • If the error has occurred for multiple employees
  • OPEN the 5-3-7 PAYROLL AUDIT and
  • SELECT ‘REPAIR’ to resolve the issue
  • The REPAIR command would resolve the PAYROLL ERROR that has occurred for the employees. However, if the problem persists, call for assistance on the help desk numbers provided.
  • If the error exists for a single employee
  • Click open SAGE 100 CONTRACTOR and go to ‘5-2-1 EMPLOYEES’
  • OPEN the RECORD on the employee for whom the PAYROLL AUDIT ERROR has appeared.
  • Select OPTIONS tab, and click on ‘AUDIT PAYROLL FOR THIS EMPLOYEE’
  • Select ‘REPAIR’ to repair the file or record opened.

Try to repair twice to ensure the problem disappears. In case the error persists despite trying multiple times to repair, call our 24/7 Accountsportal Sage 100 technical support expert numbers for assistance on this issue.

General Audit Error

If there is an audit error that asks you to close the month or change the fiscal year entered, then you need to use the below-mentioned resolution to fix the error. However, before attempting to resolve the issue, ensure you have a sufficient back-up of company data file for safety.

  • Sage 100 contractor version 13
  • Click OPEN the 1-6 AUDIT/CLOSE BOOKs and select ‘REPAIR’
  • Once complete, another message will appear asking if printing of audit report is required. Click ’YES’ to continue.
  • Now, on the ‘GRID PRINTING, select ‘FILE’ and ‘PRINT’
  • With the report in hand, it is easier to resolve errors. Get the help desk to assist you wherever required.
  • Sage 100 contractor Versions 14 and above
  • Once in Sage 100 contractor as a ‘SUPERVISOR’, click on ‘EXCLUSIVE ACCESS’
  • Now, in recalculate balances, click on ‘RECALCULATE BALANCES’ and if the audit error still persists, try the following:
  • Click ‘YES’ when prompted with the message asking to PRINT the audit report.
  • Check if the problem is resolved, else contact the expert help desk to resolve the issue satisfactorily.

Our Accountsportal Sage technical help team is available 24/7 and can be contacted through our Sage helpdesk number ✆+1-800-796-0471.