How to Fix QuickBooks Runtime Error

QuickBooks is a series of software which aids small and medium-sized businesses in their book-keeping and finance related activities. For the comfort of the users, the software comes loaded with tools that can be tweaked to their requirements, to make it more comfortable to operate. While QuickBooks offers enough tech support when required, there are times where errors can pop-up due to unavoidable faults at the user’s end. One such error is the QuickBooks runtime error.

Errors are unwanted and unnecessary interruptions that can bring some serious work to a halt and can be irritating to no end. However, if things get too difficult to handle or unnecessarily complicated, seeking help from our Accountsportal QuickBooks technical support is the best way to resolve the issue.

What is Runtime error and what causes it?

A runtime error or the Qbw32.exe error can appear suddenly, anytime while operating the QuickBooks. The error can occur due to several reasons, including a damaged company file or if the windows compatibility mode is switched on while operating the QuickBooks.

As a result, you might get the message:

‘Qbw32.exe – Memory could not be read’ or ‘Runtime Error’ – ‘Runtime has terminated in an unusual way – contact support’

Resolutions for QuickBooks Runtime Error:

Before starting with the resolution, try to ‘RESTART’ the computer, to check if it can resolve the error.  Just click on ‘FILE<SHUTDOWN OR RESTART’ to check if after rebooting, you are able to open QuickBooks. If not, proceed further.

Running QuickBooks without data:

  • To resolve the Runtime error, one can launch the QuickBooks, with no data. One need to ensure that the QBW.exe is not running, by clicking on ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ and browse through the active processes.
  • When you see the QBW file running, right-click to stop by pressing on ‘END PROCESs’
  • Right-click on the ‘QUICKBOOKS’ icon, and press and hold the CTRL key to click ‘OPEN’ the software. The software will open up without data connected to your account. Check if it resolves the error. If not, proceed further.

Suppress opening Windows:

Suppress- opening windows can also help resolve runtime error. To do that:

  • Close the QBW.EXE file like before, by following the above-given method.
  • Now, after closing the QBW file, click open the QuickBooks icon, (as before) and press and hold the ‘ALT’ icon from the ‘NO COMPANY’ window. Hold ALT key further to press and launch the ‘Company file’, without any other windows being opened.
  • Check again if your runtime error has been resolved, if not, try to rename the QBW.INI file.

Renaming QBW.INI file:

Renaming the QBW.INI file can also help fix runtime error. You can locate the file by using the windows search tool, or by navigating manually to the particular location. After finding the file:

  • Right-click on the ‘QBW.INI file and select ‘RENAME’
  • Rename the file with.OLD extension and SAVE changes.

Launch the QuickBooks now to check if the Runtime error has been resolved. Anyone of the above solutions should have fixed the QuickBooks runtime error. However, if you are finding it still impossible to get the software running, get help from our Accountsportal QuickBooks tech support experts to fix the issue. With the expert help, you will be able to get the software running in no time. Sometimes, all it requires is to locate an issue that might have escaped our notice, to end the problem permanently. Call on ✆+1-800-796-0471.