How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3140: Reasons & Solution

QuickBooks Desktop software offers unprecedented tools and features that help to integrate & sync with the accounts of the business ensuring automatic completion of financial activities. However, while syncing with the business accounts or with third-party applications, a particular tool by the name of QBFC is used. When this tool stops working properly, an error is displayed as QuickBooks Error Code 3140 along with an error message.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error Code 3140:

When the error code 3140 occurs, the user will probably face one of the following instances:

  • QuickBooks Error Code 3140 results in crashing of the Desktop, Laptop or Notebook on which software is being utilized.
  • Programs actively processing on screen also starts crashing with Error 3140.
  • There is a lag time between a command being input by the user and the pc reacting to it. Such as user presses for the new tab but the new window takes time to open.
  •  Periodic Freezing of the screen at regular intervals.
  • An error message is displayed along with the QuickBooks Error Code 3140.

Scenarios when QuickBooks Error Code 3140 takes place:

QuickBooks Error 3140 can occur at any point of the time, however, there is a certain situation wherein this error mostly occurs. Some of these scenarios are listed below:

  • At the time of installing the QuickBooks software.
  • Running or processing the QuickBooks Desktop software.
  • Starting the Windows OS or shutting the system down inappropriately.
  • Working on the applications directly connected to the Windows Operating System.

QuickBooks experts housed by Intuit generally advise users to keep track of activity being performed when the error occurs and also provide complete details of all the processes completed or run before the Error 3140 came into being. These details are imperative for the technical support team to narrow down the main cause and provide resolution accordingly. The causes for the same can run from too many applications processing at the same time and registry file issues to the diminishing of RAM prowess and disk fragmentation etc. To elaborate on these causes a list of possible reasons are illustrated below:

  • Corrupt Download of QuickBooks Software: Download link of the QuickBooks software has either got damaged or have some missing links. This can also cause faulty installation of the software.
  • Damage of Windows File Registry: At times user makes some changes within the QuickBooks software which might not go together with the processing under Windows File registry that can damage the files stored within.
  • Deletion of QuickBooks Files: There are programs which by mistake delete some files related to QuickBooks software.
  • Virus Attack: QuickBooks Error 3140 might occur due to the attack of malicious applications like Malware or Virus.

The QuickBooks Error Code 3140 is categorized under Runtime Error which could be a result of any of the above-mentioned causes. In order to resolve them, it is imperative to first identify the cause and then apply an appropriate resolution.

Fix QuickBooks Error 3140

As per the causes of this error, there are many resolutions mentioned by the QuickBooks expert team that works in tandem with the cause. It is advised to follow the steps mentioned below in the same order they are displayed to get maximum benefit out of it. Furthermore, try to access software after each step in order to verify whether the error is resolved:

  1. The first step is to fix the files of Windows Registry that are connected to QuickBooks software and consequently to QuickBooks Error 3140.
  2. Check whether the system is infected with Malware or virus by performing an in-depth scan through Anti-virus software.
  3. Perform a clean-up of the whole system and delete all the junk and temporary files left behind by uninstalled software.
  4. Verify all the driver’s required with the system is insecure condition and updated to latest version and patch.
  5. Restore the system to the previous setting when the error of 3140 has not occurred for which the user will have to use the Restore Point feature of Windows.
  6. Ensure all the applications and files related to QuickBooks software are working in pristine condition. Try to uninstall and then reinstall them again.
  7. Run the process of File Checker on the Windows system – “sfc /scannow“
  8. Keep the Windows Operating System updated to latest version and with security patches.
  9. Lastly, perform a complete and clean installation of the Windows Operating System.

These steps should resolve the QuickBooks Error 3140 without any hassle. However, if the error still persists it is advised to connect with Intuit housed QuickBooks Error Support Team which comprises of proficient QuickBooks experts intensively trained to handle all sorts of QuickBooks issues. If the user is unable to connect with the required support team due to the long queue, the user can also try to contact QuickBooks support agency on their Toll-Free Number – ☎ +1-800-796-0471 or visit the website – for prompt resolution.