QuickBooks Error 1612 : The Installation Source For This Product is not Available

The following error 1612 occurs when installing, uninstalling or updating QuickBooks:

This error occurs when the program’s registry keys are damaged.

QuickBooks accounting software brings innumerable tools to help deliver the best possible solutions for accounting and financial problems. Both small and medium-sized businesses get enormously benefitted from the software.

However, as expected in any digital medium, errors may crop up at most disadvantageous times, interrupting your workings with the software and creating havoc. As a user, have you ever come across QuickBooks Error 1612? If not, then it is well and good, but if you are stuck in the middle with this error 1612, then its time to find a perfect resolution to the problem.

Errors of any magnitude can be mind-boggling, especially when we are in the middle of some very crucial calculations or filling in invoices. Since they are also unavoidable, a way to deal with the problem is to call the QuickBooks technical team for support and assistance. You can also try your hand at resolving the problem using a series of steps mentioned below.


The Error 1612 arises with a message reading- ‘Installation source of product not available’ or the ‘update installer is not Accessible’. The prompt will ask you to verify the source and check if it exists. Of course, it is talking about the QuickBooks installation too:

  • During installation of QuickBooks
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the software
  • After updating QuickBooks to its new version

The causes for this may be due to various reasons, such as:

  • Installation process or a specific application related to it is corrupted or faulty
  • Windows registry has invalid or unauthorized files
  • Virus attack
  • The computer did not shut down properly
  • The required installation files are deleted by mistake

The error may be due to any one of the reasons and would require proper assistance from an expert before finding a solution. Either call our QuickBooks technical support team for help or try out the below resolutions.


The resolution for this error entirely depends upon the kind of problem you are facing or the reason for the error. Hence, the type of resolutions for this error might vary, depending upon your cause of Error 1612.

To begin with:

  • Repair the QuickBooks installation, in case the problem is with the installation file.
  • If the problem persists after repair, download QuickBooks update once again, and update the software.
  • In case the Error 1612 pops-up again, uninstall QuickBooks from the system and re-install using the activation key provided.

If the problem still persists or you are unable to reinstall or uninstall, for that matter, call our experts at Accountsportal tech support numbers.

The Error 1612 might also be due to some other reason because of which the issue is persisting. It might be due to the loss of missing components in the Windows operating system or a third-party issue. If it’s a third party issue, the below solutions would reveal the source of the problem.

Try accessing QuickBooks in windows safe mode or try to launch it in the clean-boot to ascertain if there is a third-party software or virus software which is interfering with the QuickBooks launch. If QuickBooks is opening in the Windows Safe mode, check for the malware or third-party software which is creating the Error 1612.

However, if you are not able to open QuickBooks even on the Safe mode, it is time to place that call on our QuickBooks tech support team on ✆+1-800-796-0471.