How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1303

How to Fix “QuickBooks Error 1303 the Installer Has Insufficient Privileges to Access This Directory”

QuickBooks desktop software is designed to give the small and medium-sized business a relief from handling the financial and accounting side of the business. It makes accounting, payroll, invoice calculations, and so on, easier and simpler. With its customized version, businesses can tweak the software according to their requirement to enjoy more benefits.

Errors, however, although uncommon, cannot be avoided altogether. The Error 1303 or the installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory’ is one such problem that might crop in to interrupt your working on QuickBooks.

Error 1303 or any other errors in the software can be handled efficiently by the QuickBooks tech support team. With help in hand from the experts, it is easier to resolve the issue and to start working on the software as soon as possible. However, if you have a software expert in hand, you can try resolving the issue, before calling for help.

Resolving Error 1303:

The error 1303 refers to the problem arising due to insufficient privilege is given to the person trying to access the directory.

The cause may be because the system group does not possess complete control privilege for accessing the directory in question here, which has caused the error message to appear.

As a resolution, one can try running the diagnostic tool to check the possible reasons or call our Accountsportal QuickBooks tech help team for assistance to resolve the issue. There are also certain solutions that can be tried at your end to check if the problem can be fixed without expert help.

Using the Diagnostic tool to fix the error:

QuickBooks software offers a diagnostic tool to automatically check if there are any problems resulting in errors or interruptions in the software. This can be downloaded in the computer, and ‘RUN’ to intercept or locate the cause for any error message appearing on the software.

  • To check the cause for Error 1303, download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.exe file, and save it in the desktop.
  • Click open (double click on the file) and ‘RUN’ when prompted.
  • Now, select options given – ‘HAVING PROBLEMS INSTALLING QUICKBOOKS’ and click ‘OK
  • The QuickBooks tool will check for the problem and try to repair it from its end.

Resolutions for Error 1303:

When the QuickBooks tools fail to resolve the issue, you can do it by trying out the below-mentioned solutions:

One can manually alter the permissions for the system and groups, to ‘FULL CONTROL’.

  • Press WINDOWS + R on the keyboard to click open the ‘RUN’ window
  • On the OPEN- key in ‘C:\ProgramData\COMMON FILES\ and then click ‘OK’
  • When a FOLDER opens up, select ‘ORGANISE <PROPERTIES <SECURITY
  • Now, click on ‘ADVANCED < EDIT’
  • On the window, scroll down to check the list of permissions, and on ‘SYSTEM’ user, double-click to select ‘FULL CONTROL<ALLOW<OK’
  • Now, for group access, repeat the same, and give full permission or access.
  • Now, check the box parallel to ‘Replace all existing permissions (inheritable) for all with permissions from this object’ and select ‘OK’ on both advanced security window and Common files properties window, to save.
  • Now, you can install QuickBooks desktop without error.

Have an unparalleled working with your QuickBooks software, after downloading it on your computer. If the QuickBooks error 1303 persists or you have any other problem related to the software, call our Accountsportal QuickBooks technical support team to talk to the experts on ✆+1-800-796-0471.