How to Fix Overflow Error in QuickBooks Desktop?

Overflows in QuickBooks occur at times when the Verify Data utility is run by the users. At times, the overflows might occur due to various reasons, and an error message will appear, which will read:

‘An overflow Error has occurred – an account has exceeded its maximum Value’

What is an Overflow and what are the possible causes for it?

At times, when any of the user’s accounts exceeds the maximum acceptable or allowable limit, the balance sheet on the accounts will show an ‘OVERFLOW’ instead of the actual amount. So, when the chart of accounts is opened for that particular account, it will indicate an ‘OVERFLOW’ instead of the original balance.

There can be several reasons why this overflow happens in the accounts:

  • A format mismatch – from that of Excel spreadsheet to QuickBooks
  • The account balance or some other field in the file exceeds the amount $ 9, 999, 999, 999, 999, 99.
  • If a large quantity on the Group Item is changed or substituted with another large quantity, the overflow may appear on the groups component items
  • Company data file possess damaged transactions

The overflow can be resolved using the below resolutions. Try them stepwise to have a satisfactory solution. You can also dial up the QuickBooks helpdesk number to get expert guidance.

What are the possible solutions to resolve Overflow?

The following solutions can help resolve overflow issues at the user’s end.

  1. Rebuilding Data File

While it’s a cumbersome process, rebuilding can help eradicate errors that have resulted in an overflow.

  • Click on FILE and select ‘UTILITIES’ and ‘REBUILD DATA’
  • Here, when the warning message comes to create a BACKUP, click ‘OK’ to continue.
  • Wait till the process is complete. Even if the screen is not responding, the process is happening at the back end.
  • When the message ‘REBUILD IS COMPLETE’ appears, click ‘OK’
  • Now, check for the OVERFLOW status.
  1. Exporting file to Microsoft Excel to detect OVERFLOW

  • To begin with, EXPORT the lists to DESKTOP
  • Now, minimize QuickBooks and right-click on the ‘EXPORT’ file to select ‘OPEN WITH<MICROSOFT EXCEL
  • Verify all transactions that have overflow value:
  • Press CRTL+F and Key-in ‘OVERFLOW’
  • Now, click on ‘FIND NEXT’
  • This way, you can find all transactions with the overflow value
  • Now, once you have checked the problem (detected it from excel file), OPEN QuickBooks and make corrections to the data for that particular field in the account which has created the error.
  1. Setting Group Quantity

If there is only one ‘group quantity item’ which has ‘OVERFLOWING’ issues, then:

  • Click to SET the group item quantity to ZERO
  • Now, TAB out of that field and
  • REENTER the exact group quantity
  • Check if the overflowing problem is resolved
  1. Correcting One item:

When only one particular ‘ITEM’ is overflowing, and not the group or the chart of accounts itself, then:

  • DELETE it, if it’s a new item and create it once again
  • However, if it is an old item, you need to AUDIT it to find what is causing the overflow. Check the one particular transaction which shows the overflow amount and edit it.
  • If you cannot find that transaction, enter the ‘ADJUST QUANTITY/VALUE IN HAND’ document to ‘ADJUST’ the average cost and control overflow.
  1. For Damaged Transactions:

If the transactions are damaged and that is creating the OVERFLOW issue, then it will be easier to locate it.

  • Click to RUN reports such as the Financial Statements, Sales by Customer, Custom transaction Detail, and so on. This will help locate the OVERFLOW.
  • Stop your search once you see the overflow and FIX that transaction, as applicable – by running REBUILT DATA or by using Damaged LINK or date or the transaction ‘out of balance’ to fix the transaction.

The above processes require enough skill and expertise to render it correctly. Having an expert to guide you in the process will make it easier to succeed in the endeavor. Call the Accountsportal experts on their toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to help you resolve the accounts overflow issue successfully. The Accountsportal technical help experts are available 24/7 to solve the problems on QuickBooks.