How to File T4 RL-1s Electronically?

Sage 50 is a collection of business software that offers payroll, accounts, and HR solutions among others. The various Sage 50 programs can be integrated, allowing customized solutions to various industries. In Sage 50, when users file RL-1s electronically, they might raise these issues:

  • Filing electronically for companies with 50+ employees, as required by CRA
  • Sending a modified RL-1
  • E-filing the RL-1 summary


Users must navigate to ‘File’-> ‘Import/Export’-> ‘Electronic Filing’-> ‘Export RL-1s’ and choose the payroll year for which filing is being done. Next, employees that the RL-1s are being filed for must be chosen. For choosing ‘inactive employees’, the ‘Include Inactive Employees’ box must be checked.

Then, users must fill all the required information in all the tabs in the window and see these topics:

Transmission Information Tab

1: Transmission method—the method is in the form of ‘Internet File Transfer’. There’s a limit on the RL-1’s file size. So, users must refer to the website for actual file limits. Large files must be compressed.

2: Package type—Users must choose one file type from below:

Original file—if an original file is submitted

 Original file test—if a test file or a file is sent to replace a test file

 Amended file submission—if an amended file is submitted

Amended file test—if an amended test file or a file is sent to replace an amended test file

Cancelled file submission—if a cancelled is submitted

 Cancelled file test—if a cancelled test file or a file is sent to replace a cancelled test file

3: Transmitter type—Users must choose the option describing the entity that the RL-1s are being filed for.

4: Source of RL slips—Users must select the option describing the location from where the RL-1 slips were downloaded

5: Transmitter number—Users must provide the transmitter number (NP and then 6 digits) that was given to them by Groupe de promotion de l’EDI et d’acquisition de donnéesélectroniques. If the number isn’t available, the Transmitter Registration Form (ED-430-V) must be submitted online.

6: RL-1 slip number—Users must provide the 8-digit number given to them by Ministère du Revenu du Québec.

7: File sequence number—Users must keep track of the filings sequence submitted during electronic filing. There’s an increment by one of the numbers in this box, each time a filing is done with Sage 50. If users don’t utilize Sage 50 for filing (such as RL-2), the number must be altered manually for maintaining the accuracy of the filing count for the next round of electronic submission.

Business Information Tab

Contact Information Tab

  • Users must provide the name and contact details of the payroll and technical resource personnel, who can be contacted for further information.
  • Once this is done, select OK.
  • Then in the window called ‘RL-1 Box Options’, provide income and deductions in the appropriate slip box numbers, and then select OK.
  • Next, determine the location on the hard drive where the file is to be saved. By default, Sage 50 generates and titles the file ‘AAPPPPPPSSS’, where ‘AA’ denotes last 2 digits of the year of taxation, ‘PPPPPP’ denotes the transmitter number and ‘SSS’ the number of file sequence.
  • Next, in ‘Export Records Summary’ window, select ‘Print’ for printing the details of transmission for the records.
  • Now, select ‘RL-1 Internet Filing’ in the window for navigating to the Quebec government’s website, where the file created can be transmitted.
  • Once this is done, select OK to exit the ‘Export Records Summary’ window.

These steps should be adequate in filing RL-1 slips electronically. But if users face any problems, they should call our Sage Technical Support Team at this toll-free Sage helpline number ☎+1-800-796-0471 for the product or application-related help. The technical support help desk is ready to provide 24X7 expert help.