How Does Sage Payroll Exception Report Work?

An Exception Report identifies and corrects all the records of the employee whose holding amounts are incorrect. The reason for the incorrect amount can be a manual calculation of payroll or a wrong adjustment entry being made. The Sage Payroll Exception Report highlights the amount which is withheld as compared to the amount which is calculated for withholding.

Following sections explain the various key points of the Sage Payroll Exception Report and how these can be used to rectify the errors made in the withholding.

How to Run the Report?

  1.   Select Reports and Forms  Payroll and then go to “Exception Report”
  2.   From the drop-down list of the “Tax to Check” select “Appropriate Tax”
  3.   The “Text to Check” field consists of all the records of the payroll used by the “Payroll Tax Table” to calculate the amount of the Tax
  4.   To access these tables select FilePayroll Formulas Sage-Maintained; select “Prepare Correcting Entries” checkbox

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Final Report

The Exception Report provides you with the following information

    • The “General Tab” consists of the information like Employee Name and Id, Employee St and SS No
    • It also shows the “Quarter” if the exception for the payroll is taken
    • The “Taxable Gross” amount is the amount which is subject to the tax selected for the period of time which is reported.
    • The Sage Payroll Exception Report also shows the “Amount Withheld” which is the total amount of tax which is being withheld by the entry made in payroll
    • The Report also shows a field named “Calculated Amount” which is the sum of the tax of the quarter for the payroll which is filtered. This tax amount can be recalculated on the basis of the current gross tax and the settings which are being made in the payroll tax table.
    • The last field shown in the Exception Report is “Difference” which us the difference between the “Calculated Amount” and the “Amount Withheld”. This amount is required for adjusting the payroll entries which are required for the correction of entries
    • If the year for payroll tax does not match, close the payroll to update the calendar for the current year
    • If you get an error for “Adjustment of an Employer Tax” and you intend to correct entries of “company paid tax” create the Adjustment Manually through “Payroll Entry Screen”
    • The “Tax to Check” and “Tax to Adjust to” menu will consist of only those payroll fields that are calculated using adjustable gross
    • Check the option “Use this formula as a filter on the Payroll Tax Report ” to make the Tax tables appear in the “Tax to Check” and “Tax to Adjust” menus

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