GoCardless with Sage 50 Accounts Integration

Sage 50 accounting software has been helping businesses relentlessly to deal with all accounts and finance related problems efficiently. With the GoCardless feature, Sage has clinched another effective deal for the business owners to relax and let the software handle things at its own pace.

What does Sage GoCardless feature signify to the Sage 5o users?

As we know, Sage 50 accounts calculate, stores and intimates you about the invoices, bills, and other transactions, helping in effectively monitoring the financial side of the business. Now, the GoCardless feature, introduced by the makers of the software can also help automate all payments directly from the software.

Not only will the payments go automated, but the reconciliation process will also keep track of the payments, thereby making it a win-win situation for the owners to completely go cashless. Now, no more check payments. All will be done through the software directly. The GoCardless effort can:

  • Help to pay the bills, invoices, employee salaries and other such essential and regular payments without any delay – the payments will go automatically through the software, after integration
  • It will reduce the admin related efforts and the time taken to keep track of the invoices and payments, as well as for reconciliation of the payment

So, if you are looking to incorporate this into your system, where a direct debit can be made from the bank accounts, at agreed dates (as set by you), consult a Sage 50 tech expert before proceeding with the changes. There is certainly very crucial information that goes into setting this GoCardless feature, which can reduce a considerable amount of time and effort on your part. Let us look at how we can set this up in the Sage 50 accounts.

Setting up a GoCardless feature in Sage 50 accounts:

The new GoCardless for Sage 50 will start accommodating the instalments that are produced through the feature. However, remember that any payments/ instalments that have been going through the reconciliation will be separate from the new GoCardless feature. So, if you want to update or setup the GoCardless feature, you can do so, when there are no instalments are scheduled. What this means is that:

  • All instalments are paid and reconciliation is done for them
  • No future instalments are booked for any future date
  • You do not have an instalment (new) coming up within the next two days.

To begin with, you need to understand that the GoCardless feature is available only in the Sage 50 and Sage 50C, v 24. So, if you have an older version, you need to upgrade sage 50 to the new one, before integrating the feature.

If you have the required versions of the software, then:

  • Download the GoCardless Installments feature in the Sage 50 accounts
  • Install the feature, by following the instructions, and by going through the prompts
  • Also, add the bank accounts from where the payments need to be done, and set the instalment dates correctly to ensure no error occurs

The feature can help inefficient work processes, correct and scheduled sage payments, no delays and happy clients. Remember however that the settings have to be done very carefully for the efficiency of the system. Take help, if required, and to be on the safer side, to go completely card less and to have your payments processed on time.

Dial up the Accountsportal help desk number 1-800-796-471 for any assistance on GoCardless integration into Sage 50 accounts. The Sage technical support experts are available 24/7 to render assistance on this and on any other queries related to the software and its products.