Get Perfect Solution to Fix the QuickBooks Error 5502

QuickBooks software has become one of the most useful technical products to be used in organizational setups.

When you have a software product to use in your organization, it is important that you know how to use it correctly. In case there is any functional issue with the products, they may lead to minor or major errors. One such error is QuickBooks error 5502.

Error Description

QuickBooks error 5502 arises with an error message that reads: “Sync is not completed properly.” You can identify the error as soon as your desktop shows “QuickBooks data has been uploaded but failed to connect via the server” message.


  • Grasp of matter through online services
  • Change in companies’ document augmentation
  • When a third-party developer application gets connected to the software

Fixing QuickBooks Error 5502

There are different solutions that you can try to fix the QuickBooks error.

Solution 1: Renaming the QB .ND File

  1. Open the name of the folder where the company file is stored
  2. Go to the corresponding .ND file stored in the company data file
  3. Right-click the .ND file
  4. Click Rename
  5. Add .OLD at the end of the file name
  6. Rescan your file using QuickBooks Database Server Manager. This is the step to be followed only by users who try to open the company file over the network. The steps include:
    1. Press Windows key on your keyboard
    2. Click QBs Database Server Manager
    3. Select Add the folder from the list of folders available
    4. Choose the file where the company file or folder is stored
    5. Click OK
    6. Click Scan
    7. Re-open the file after the scanning is complete

Solution 2: Creating new folder & Copying the Company File

  1. Open a new folder and pate the company file there. Make sure the entire extension gets displayed
  2. Rename the file with QBM and change the extension, if possible
  3. Save the file
  4. Open QuickBooks Desktop accounting software
  5. Restore portable files
  6. Rename the QBB extension if the file doesn’t open
  7. Restore backups
  8. In case the file still doesn’t open, rename with .QBX extension

Install the latest Sync Manager to fix the error, if all other attempts fail. However, if the issue still persists, you can contact tech support helpdesk and try out instructions given by the executives on the other side. Technical Support – Scope of Service

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