Get Help to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, 107

QuickBooks software has appeared to be a breakthrough for the organization setups no matter whether they are small, medium or big in size.

Of course, the software helps companies to run accounting and payroll services well but at the same time, it generates certain errors that need to be dealt with ASAP. One such error that commonly disturbs users is the QuickBooks error .6000, 107.


The QuickBooks error 6000, 107 occurs when a user tries to open associated network data with.ND extension and a QuickBooks company file with.QWB extension. Another reason behind the occurrence of the error can be a damaged transaction log with.TLG extension.

Fixing QuickBooks Error 6000, 107

When it comes to resolving the error, there are three options that you can take into consideration.

Option 1: Using QuickBooks Doctor File tool

As soon as you choose this, your issue has major chances of getting resolved in the first attempt. In case the first stage of the action fails, go for Stage 2.

Stage 1

The steps to be followed are as follows:

  1. Visit Intuit website and download QuickBooks File Doctor online
  2. Install it on your system
  3. Run it
  4. Let your system be scanned
  5. Locate the area of issue
  6. Resolve the issue

Stage 2

If Stage 1 of Option 1 fails, consider the following instructions:

  1. Visit official website and download QuickBooks File Doctor online
  2. Install it on your system
  3. Run it. Make sure you are logged in as Administrator
  4. You will get two options:
    1. Network Connectivity Only
    2. Both File Damage and Network Connectivity
  5. Choose 4(a) to ensure only the particular error gets handled by the tool. It will detect the data and file corrupted
  6. Users will be asked to type the password. Provide it
  7. Next prompt will ask if the company file on Workstation or on Server. If it’s Server, click Yes otherwise choose No
  8. Click Proceed

Option 2: Copy .QWB file

The steps to be followed are mentioned below

  1. Open the folder containing your company file
  2. Search files with .QWB extension
  3. Right-click the required file
  4. Choose Copy
  5. Paste it on Desktop
  6. Press Control Key and open QuickBooks
  7. You will be taken to No Company Open window
  8. Click Open or Restore existing company
  9. Go to Desktop, open the copied file
  10. Rename both files
  11. Restart QuickBooks
  12. Your files will automatically get recreated

Option 3: Rename .ND and .TLG files

The steps to consider are listed below:

  1. Go to QuickBooks Desktop
  2. Press F2
  3. Browse to File Information Get the company file location
  4. Open the folder containing the company file
  5. Find the files with .ND and .TLG extensions
  6. Right-click each file that gets on the list
  7. Click Rename
  8. Add OLD at the end of the files
  9. Open QuickBooks
  10. Try to sign in again

In case, you face the same error again, it is recommended to contact our QuickBooks tech support helpdesk representatives for further assistance. Technical Support – Scope of Service

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