Fix Sage Integration Service Error 14101

The Sage 50 software integration error comes up with an error code: 14101. This error occurs during the integration process, or sometimes even after the removal.

In such circumstances, if you find that the registry key is still seen on the screen; do not move further and resolve the issues before proceeding. In case registry key cannot be seen, dial up the toll-free numbers to connect to a Sage 50 technical expert.

Let us look at the problems related to the Integration services error or Error code 14101 in Sage 50 and possible resolutions for the error. Since the error can complicate or damage the Windows registry, the solutions need to be performed only manually.

Resolutions Sage Integration Service Error 14101:

To resolve the error related to integration, you need to remove the integration manually. Also, since the steps are highly technical and confidential, you need to have the administrative rights on the system to proceed further. Ensure that you have the credentials to log into the system with administrative rights.

  • Open the system and log into it as an Without administrator permission, further steps involved in removing integration manually are not possible.
  • Once you have logged in, come out of the Sage software and click open the Windows Task Manager to stop the tasks that are proceeding in the system. You can open the task manager by:

=> Pressing on CTRL+ALT+DELETE

=> A Pop-up window will open up with details about the entities that are open in the system

=> Here, check if the Sage Integration Software is open and come out

  • Now, go to the Search Option, to key in Control Panel. When the window opens up, browse to find Sage Integration Software and right-click on it to CLOSE all operations.
  • Do the following depending upon the operating system you possess:

          => Windows 10 users: From Start menu, click on Settings and Apps and Features. Here, browse to get the installed apps, and from there, click on the Sage Integration Service. You need to click Uninstall to manually remove the program

            => Windows 7 and 8 users- From Start menu, click on Control Panel and when the window opens up, find the Sage Integration Services and click on it to Uninstall

            => You need to restart the system to apply the changes

  • The registry editor will have several files of Sage integration system stored in it. Once you have removed or uninstalled the program, you can also erase the files from the Registry Editor.

The above manual removal of Sage integration services will completely fix the issue relating to the error 14101. In case if you have a system hanging in the middle of the operation, or you are not able to operate Sage 50 software despite removing the integration, you need to have a deep-combing operation to check where the problem lies.

For this, you might require an expert assistance. You can dial up the Accountsportal help desk number ✆+1-800-796-0471 to talk to Sage technical support experts. The Sage 50 experts are available round the clock for assistance on queries related to the software.