How to Fix Sage 50 Payroll Error 7866

Sage 50 is accounting software that can be integrated with several third-party tools like Payroll. When an employee makes some changes in the NI category during the tax year, after you have submitted the Full Payment Submission (FPS), then they will see the following error message gets displayed on your screen:

Error 7866: The amount in [EMPLOYEESCONTRIBUTIONSONALLEARNINGSYEARTODATE] must be 0.00 if the [NILETTER] is ā€˜Xā€™, ā€˜Cā€™, or ā€˜W

It is Sage 50 Payroll Error Code 7866 that occurs in the in Sage Payroll products like Sage 50 payroll, Safe 50 Payroll Version 19, Sage Instant Payroll, Sage 50 Payroll Version 20, Sage 50 Payroll Version 21 and Sage 50 Payroll Version 22. This Sage 50 payroll issue can be categorized as a critical error.

You will see this message when the value is greater or less than zero is determined against the category, which should be zero, i.e. X, C or W. This error generally occurs when the refund NI is made against the wrong section or category. There is another reason too that may be responsible for this error i.e. the processing of the manual NIC on the wrong category like C where the Employees NIC was deducted.


The experts have recommended that if you come across this Sage 50 Payroll Error Code 7866, then you will have to go back and reprocess the data of the affected employee. This error does not indicate the damaged or corrupt software but an error caused manually by entering the data. You just have to roll back and edit the data again. This will easily resolve your issue.

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