How to Fix Sage 50 Invoice Error?

Sage 50 software is versatile software to help small and medium-sized businesses run without any hassles. With the kind of support the Sage 50 tech support team offers, one can have an error-free working on the software. However, there are times when one faces queries and errors, and in this article, we are going to address the issue- ‘How to fix sage invoice error’, in case you come across one.

What is Sage Invoice Error?

Sage 50 is a renowned bookkeeping software, with several features to ensure the financial transactions are secure and error-free. As bookkeeping software, Sage 50 has helped many businesses to grow successfully. Invoice is one of the important features of any bookkeeping software and a problem with this can create a lot of difficulties.

Sage invoice error occurs when a user is trying to send an invoice through the email or a message through this feature. The error message will read: ‘Email MAP1 error’ or ‘Error 2 MAPI failure’ – Sage 50 software cannot connect to your email server.

This error indicates the software is not able to communicate with your email server and send an ‘invoice’ message to your customer or client. The instant solution can be obtained by calling the helpdesk the from technical support numbers. Alternatively, try to follow the below-mentioned resolution to check if it can be resolved at your end.

What are the possible reasons for the Invoice Error?

Invoice Error, or the Email MAPI error, is usually an unknown or unexpected error, which might arise due to multiple reasons while working with the Sage bookkeeping software. However, one of the possible reasons could be a problem with the email server or multiple versions of the outlook software being uploaded to your computer. It might require you to create a new default email account or set the one you are using as ‘Default’. Ensure you have all details in hand before proceeding to resolve the error.

How to resolve invoice error in Sage?

The following resolutions can help fix the problem:
Check for any updates:
• Click OPEN the ‘Control Panel’ on the windows, and click ‘UPDATES’
• Check if there are any new update available (Microsoft updates for Windows’.
• Install the updates, in case any available. If not, proceed to the next step.
Set ‘Email customer’ as default email program on Sage:
• First, sign-in as an ‘ADMIN’ and enter ‘START WINDOWS’
• Click open ‘CONTROL PANELS’ and ‘DEFAULT’ programs
• Now, select the ‘Email customer’ you want to pick as a default email, and choose defaults for this email – click MAPI tab on the list. (TO set this email as default for Sage operations)
• Now, all emails from Sage invoice can be sent through this default email.
If your email already is set as ‘Default’, then try the next step to fix the error.

Setting up an Outlook account

A problem with the outlook account or presence of multiple outlook accounts (two or more versions) can also create the Sage invoice error. To resolve, check for the outlook accounts on your computer, and delete any multiple accounts present. Alternatively, you can also create a fresh outlook account, to resolve the issue completely.

Our Sage Technical Support Team

While the above-mentioned resolutions can aid in fixing the problem you face while sending invoice or messages through emails, sometimes, an expert help is required to sort it out permanently. Keep our Sage tech support team numbers handy to rectify the error once and for all. The Sage technical support team will assist you in locating the problem within the software, and also help in setting up default email program, in case required. Since there are multiple steps to be followed, call our Sage tech help team on ✆+1-800-796-0471 to assist you.