Fix Sage 50 Error 3014

Sage 50 error 3014 is the oldest error in Sage and it happens when Sage isn’t configured properly or the framework settings are incorrectly arranged in software. Proper configuration is important for running any software on windows. This mistake can be corrected by repairing the registry and tuning up of the framework settings.

About Sage 50 Error 3014

Document framework blunder number: 3014. srt1e.tmp.

The problem occurs when a user tries to start NEO for the first time and there is a Pervasive conflict, setup error or configuration issues.

This pops out a Database (Create) Error 3014 in a NEO dialog box, and the application doesn’t open.

If you have the full Pervasive client, there may be an instance where the Pervasive setting for the LOCAL Microkernel Router is set on an OFF. Microkernel switch can’t discover the neighboring or the remote working engine. The setting as a default needs to be ON while installing Pervasive SQL.

The pervasive router cannot be found when it is loaded locally as it needs to be looked in the network drives.

This article will enable you to probe for some regular error messages identified with File System Error 3014 and which framework segment or application has broken down.

Here Are The Basic Reasons For Sage Error 3014

  • Network connection lost between the server and the workstation
  • The connection is time out when the client is waiting for the server computer
  • Network congestion
  • Virus or malware-infected system
  • NIC (Network Interface Card) is going into hibernation mode
  • Bad wireless network or already used VPN
  • Uninstallation of the program has left invalid passages in the window registry
  • An important framework document or a registry section is mistakenly erase

Resolving Sage error 3014:

Restart the Sage software and restart the Pervasive

Go into the multi-user environment in the network environment and ask all the users to log out of sage before running troubleshooting

Download the correct version of Sage 50

  • Open Control Panel > Go to Program and Features
  • Find Sage 50 and right-click on it to uninstall and follow the instructions
  • Restart the system again and Launch the installer to download and install the correct version of Sage 50

Check for the following settings as well:

  • Rebooted NetWare server
  • Upgraded to the Pervasive.SQL 7 to the Pervasive.SQL 2000
  • The new Pervasive.SQL 2000 requesters should not use against an old 6x engine
  • Using old Pervasive.SQL 7 client on a Microsoft Terminal Server may also cause this error
  • Turned multi-home setting to YES
  • Check if pinging the server by name returns another server
  • Local or Requester that define local nodes, functions of each user IDs, user authorities should turn to a YES.
  • A filename is storing in the wrong parameter not according to the universal naming convention
  • When the drive is remappable and the UNC path (use to define network resources) is functional, but paths using drive letters identifier have failed
  • Check if any of the machines are using NetBios as a protocol, if Yes, change it to TCP/IP to resolve the issue

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