Fix QuickBooks Windows Error: The File Exists

As a QuickBooks user, you might have put the software to use several times, including the payroll updates or for filling the federal forms, or any other bill payments. At times such as this, there is a possibility that you might have encountered an error message, reading:

‘The file exists’ or ‘The specified file cannot be opened. Check if it is currently not in use by any other program’.

At such times as this, it is necessary to fix the error before proceeding further with what you have been doing. Let us look at some of the possible resolutions for the error – ‘The file exists’.

Resolutions for fixing ‘the file exists’ error:

The possible reasons for the error may be that the file opened is not correctly read or the file attribute is changed to anything other than the archive. Since the software is not able to read the file or the tax form files, the below-mentioned are possible solutions with which it can be fixed.

  • To begin with, click ‘OK’ on the error message, till the time the updates are complete.
  • After updates are complete, close the QuickBooks and reopen it to check if updates are complete.
  • Restart the computer and right-click on QuickBooks to run the software as an administrator. Check if the error still appears.

In case if the error appears again, check the possible problems with the operating system before proceeding.

  • Click OPEN ‘Account control settings’ and do the following depending upon your operating system:
  • For Windows 10 users: On the ‘SEARCH’ icon in the TASKBAR, type ‘CONTROL PANEL’ and click open ‘CONTROL PANEL’ to open it.
  • For Windows 8: Go to START menu, and type ‘CONTROL PANEL’ and OPEN it after locating it.
  • For Windows 7: Click on ‘WINDOWS’ and select ‘CONTROL PANEL’
  • Now, enter ‘UAC’ in the search box, and click on ‘CHANGE USER ACCOUNT CONTROL’ settings.
  • Now, check for the UAC control, and –
  • Turn Off UAC, by moving the slider to ‘NEVER NOTIFY’ position and click ‘OK’. When prompted, key in the password to confirm. Restart the computer for applying the changes.
  • Turn on UAC- move the slider to turn-on position, to ‘NOTIFY’ and click ‘OK’. Enter the password to confirm.
  • For Windows Vista users, turn off the ‘USER ACCOUNT CONTROL’, restart the computer and turn on the UAC again. Restart and verify the permissions for the folder on the C: PROGRAM FilesIntuit

The error would have resolved with the above steps. Check for the error messages if any, and proceed further with the form that was interrupted by the error message. If you are still getting the error, dial our Accountsportal QuickBooks helpdesk to talk to the experts.

Errors might also occur when they encounter firewall or third-party security set-up in the computer. You can update the firewall to the latest version to resolve the issue. Either update it automatically or do it manually to tackle the error. If you do not have a firewall installed or if the firewall is not interfering with QuickBooks operation, try to repair QuickBooks desktop or reinstall the software to help resolve the error.

Our QuickBooks technical support experts can also help locate the error or the cause of the error and fix the problem with expertise. Call on ✆+1-800-796-0471.