How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 1328?

QuickBooks is widely accepted small business accounting software integrated with advanced features and tools that help in effortless management of regular accounting and financial tasks. The software saves plenty of time for the user. Intuit releases an update for QuickBooks and its products for its effective performance. The software update is very important for the smooth functioning of the software as the software is enhanced in terms of features and error fixing capabilities. Eventually while downloading the updates and installing it the user encounters an error. QuickBooks Error code 1328 is the common update error reported by the users.

What is QuickBooks Update Errors 1328?

QuickBooks Update Error 1328 occurs while updating QuickBooks program. The error occurs before another error, and the files referenced by these errors are usually similar to c:\config.msi\PT**.TMP. Error 1328 is presented in different ways. The text and options are entirely different, depending upon the cause.

Reasons for the Occurrence of the Error?

This error might occur during the repair process while installing, updating, or uninstalling any QuickBooks version. This error does not affect significantly in case the user “Ignore” is clicked all the time will complete successfully. The error message received usually refers to a specific file. The error looks something like: c:\config.msi\PT**.TMP. The file name in the error message may not be the same as shown here, but the C:\config.msi\ path will be the same. When it becomes repetitive, there are actually two possible scenarios.

Scenario 1:

In case the error codes 1328 comprise the Abort, Retry, and Ignore buttons, you have to rename the config.msi folder on the computer. Temporary (.tmp) files in the config.msi folder shields QuickBooks from finishing the process it is using. The config.msi folder indicates the temporary repository for storing scripts when the installation fails. After the successful installation, the contents of this folder are deleted. At times they cannot be deleted and end up getting stuck and further creates problems with QuickBooks repairing or updating itself.

How to find the config.msi file?

Follow the below mentioned steps to locate the config.msi file:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Go to the C: drive
  • Show hidden files and folders
  • Display the protected operating system files
  • Click the config.msi and select Rename
  • Add .old to the end of the filename and press Enter (the filename should now be Config.msi.old)
  • Hide protected operating system files and hidden files and folders
  • Now you can update, repair, uninstall, or install should complete without error. In case you are not of technical background contact a computer technician to assist you to locate the config..msi file.

When you are done with renaming attempt to repair QuickBooks again. If your crops up again, click the Ignore button as many times as it comes up to complete the process.

Scenario 2:

In case the QuickBooks Update Error 1328 appears with only the Retry or Cancel buttons, choose the retry option one more time. If this restricts the process to continue click Cancel. When you cancel the process, follow the steps to try to resolve the issue. Follow the resolution steps in the sequence for the best error fixation. Again, if you need assistance you can approach a technical expert.

How to Resolve the Error Code?

  1. Repair QuickBooks Software

Once the file repair process is completed, restart your computer and then open QuickBooks. In case you face the same issue proceed to the next steps.

  1. Re-install QuickBooks

Uninstall the QuickBooks program and download it from the official website. Prefer to download the program that is updated with the latest release.

III. Rename the config.msi folder

Follow the steps listed above for renaming the folder.

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