How to Fix QuickBooks “Restore Failed” Error 1800-796-0471 Go With 5 Steps

Many times the user gets this issue: Error: Restored Failed: Error or Failed on their system. In this article, we will describe the main causes of the error and its resolution to fix the QuickBooks “Restore Failed” error.

When the user tries to restore their backup file on the PC, an error displaying on their window screen like as: It is the invalid format of a post of QB 2007 backup company file, Failed or restoration failed or restore failed can’t erase log file. There are numerous resolutions for this error so the user can try all resolution to resolve their issue.

If the user has any issues or queries related to the QuickBooks errors, they can directly contact our QuickBooks Tech Support Number and get an urgent response.

Symptoms of QuickBooks “Restore Failed” error or QuickBooks Unable to Restore Backup File?

  • Due to the special character comprises in their company file
  • Due to an existing file of backup restoration
  • Sometimes the USB flash drives support for the restoration of the backup file, as a result, the user gets the error on their PC.
  • Due to the backup process is done with the help of another version of QuickBooks or newest QuickBooks Versions.
  • The user is trying to restore an incorrect backup file
  • Damaged or corrupted company files

How to fix QuickBooks “Restore Failed” error?

Resolution 1: Delete exceptional character or symbol from their company file:

  • The user needs to look for the company file name for the required change.
  • Right tick on the file name and choose to rename the file
  • Now write a new desirable file name and push on the entering button.

Resolution 2: At the time of restoring their company file, they ensure not to overwrite an existing file

  • Save their company file on the desired location at the time restoration of QB files, when they want to save their file
  • If the company file name already exists in that place, the user will see a pop message on their window screen like: Already exists the file, would they like to overwrite the company file.
  • Tick No.
  • Now modify the new file name.

Resolution 3: Use the Latest version of QuickBooks when the user is restoring their backup file.

  • If the user wants to know the version of the backup, the user can get to know from the QuickBooks File Manager.

Resolution 4: Copy the backup file to a new folder, before restoring it

Important Note: Ensure the company file they are trying to restore is an actual backup file.

  • Create the backup file and check the file size, ensure that it must be 6Mb
  • If they want to know the file size, they can right tick on the file and choose the properties.
  • If the user finds that the file size is less than 6MB, it means it not the actual backup file, make a new company data backup file.

Resolution 5: Repair their damaged company file

  • There are so many causes that can affect their company data file. To repair this issue, the user requires using customary data damage troubleshooting. For this, the user can download the QuickBooks file doctor and follow all its instructions to prevent, identify and resolve the QuickBooks Damaged company file.

After following all the above resolutions if users are still facing the same error, they can directly call on our QuickBooks Technical Support Number 24*7. For more details on the QuickBooks software or to gather information regarding the error, call on ✆+1-855-355-0553.